Make Your Skin Your New Tablet, Here’s The Cicret Bracelet Price In India

Now a days, technology is improving so fast that we can’t even believe some of the products that exists now but seems like they came from future or Hollywood movies. Cicret Bracelet is also one of them. By it’s name, you can guess that it’s a band that you can wear in your hand. But that’s not the only thing, right? Yes! Cicret Bracelet is a hand band which can make your skin your new tablet or smartphone. Don’t think too much. We will be describing all the facts about this product and also reveal the Cicret Bracelet price in India. In coming days, you will possibly be able to buy Cicret Bracelet online from Amazon, Flipkart and other major e-commerce stores in India.

Cicret Bracelet Price In India Buy Online Flipkart Amazon

Cicret Bracelet Price In India

What’s A Cicret Bracelet?

Cicret Bracelet is a smart hand band which comes with a projector light. This smart bracelet can easily become your new smartphone or tablet. Because, it has built-in Android OS installed. And it will project the screen into your skin. So, you will be able to see the screen in your hand and access all the things via the Android operating system.

Apart from that, you can easily touch the options on the projection that will appear on your skin and it will automatically work as a touchscreen. You can enjoy phone calls, send SMSes, watch movies, video call with your buddies right into your hand without holding any extra device in your hand. The size of the projection is also good so you can also get a large screen to enjoy stuffs using your smart Cicret Bracelet.

Cicret Bracelet Price In India

This futuristic hand band has been launched already back in 20th July 2017, almost one year ago. But still the Cicret Bracelet hasn’t been launched for sale in public. So, the Cicret Bracelet price in India is also not announced officially. However, we can just expect the actual Cicret Bracelet price in India based on the specifications and gadget expert’s predictions.

According to some of the sites, the Cicret Bracelet price in India can go up to Rs 16,000. This looks like a product from future, the kind of products that can be seen only on Hollywood movies. Considering that fact and the unique feature it offers, the price is value for money as far as the longevity or warranty period of this Cicret Bracelet is concerned.

How To Buy Cicret Bracelet Online From Flipkart & Amazon?

As we mentioned earlier, this amazing product isn’t launched yet. But as soon as it get launched, you will be able to buy it from India’s leading e-commerce stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Tata Cliq, etc. Below are some of the links given from where you can buy Cicret Bracelet online in India:

Some Key Specifications Of Cicret Bracelet

  • OLED Display
  • Dimensions: 4x2x5Cm
  • Features: Bluetooth, Sync Contacts, Caller Name Display
  • Battery: 60mAh
  • Warranty: 1 Year

If you have any other query about Cicret Bracelet price in India, you can ask it in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this device, you can also checkout our Amazon Quiz Answers Today article where you can play and win amazing prizes and Pay Balance. If that’s not enough, you can read our free Paytm cash post to know how you can earn for free!

WARNING/2021 UPDATE: Don’t fall for this device. This is not a real device. This was just a concept which never came into reality. Cicret bracelet was conceptualized by a company who collected money to make it in reality, but couldn’t do it. I don’t know what happened with the money they raised through crowd funding. You can watch a YouTube video where you can see that the video is fake and there’s nothing real about this Cicret bracelet projector band.

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      According to the recent updates, this is crowd sourcing to make the production for masses. So, you need to wait until it’s launched for everyone.

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    • This is an imaginary product which is not available anywhere in the World. So, don’t try to buy it, your money could be stolen!

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    • This device is fake! It’s just a fake video uploaded on the internet! So don’t pay anyone to buy this imaginary product!

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    • As I have stated in my previous replies, this is just a concept product and it hasn’t been released in the market yet. And also nobody knows whether it will even launch or not!

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