BHIM UPI Offer: Send Rs 1 And Get Rs 51 Cashback From BHIM App

Just after the demonetization in India, we are feeling the need of digital wallets for our daily life transactions. And in the game of digital wallets, Paytm is the clear winner as of now. But Indian Government has also introduced BHIM app where users can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts. Recently, Indian Government has announced BHIM UPI Offer where users can get Rs 51 cashback by just sending Rs 1 to another BHIM app user. So, let’s know how to avail this BHIM UPI offer for you to receive Rs 51 Cashback from BHIM app.

BHIM UPI Offer Cashback Rs 51


Before we know how to avail this BHIM UPI Offer, firstly let’s know what are the benefits of this app from Indian Government and why use it over other UPI apps available in the market. The offerings of BHIM app are described below:

  • It can connect with all your bank accounts.
  • You can easily send funds to other users just by their mobile number.
  • It can also transfer funds between other UPI app users.
  • Online shopping made easy with UPI/BHIM.
  • It also let you request money from other UPI users.
  • BHIM also let’s you transfer funds by using QR codes.
  • Check your bank balance anytime and also send money by Aadhar number.

How To Get Rs 51 Cashback From BHIM UPI Offer?

This BHIM Upi offer is valid for new users only who never used this app to transfer funds. So, you need to create your BHIM UPI account using the app. So, let’s get started:

  • Firstly, install BHIM app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Then launch the app and choose the sim card slot which you want to associate with your BHIM account.
  • But before choosing the sim card, make sure that number is also connected with your bank account, from which you want to transfer funds.
  • After that, select the Bank name.
  • Enter your debit card details and it will verify it for you.
  • Now, set a UPI pin which will be required to access your UPI account.
  • Finally, your BHIM Upi account is ready to transfer funds.
  • Now, you just need to send at least Rs 1 to any BHIM user using their UPI address.
  • Once you sent Rs 1, you will receive Rs 51 cashback in your bank account within few hours.

Conditions Of This BHIM UPI Offer

  • Only new users will receive the cashback.
  • Cashback amount is fixed at Rs 51.
  • Cashback will be credited to the bank account, from which the funds were transferred.
  • Minimum transfer amount is Rs 1.
  • Offer valid once per user.

For any other query of this BHIM Upi Offer, comment down below.

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