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Top 20 Free Paytm Cash Apps In 2021

There were many apps before, which provided mobile recharge for doing various tasks. There was no way to provide real cash to the users, so they simply gave free recharge. But now, there is Paytm, which solved this problem. Now, on the Play Store, there are a lot of Android apps giving free paytm cash. You can easily use those free Paytm cash apps. And by combining the amount of free Paytm cash, you will get unlimited Paytm wallet cash by doing simple tasks. That’s why I am here to provide the top 20 Free Paytm Cash giving apps which you can use today to earn Paytm cash online.

Free Paytm Cash Apps Earn By Downloading Apps Watching Videos Ads Filling Surveys Playing Games Quiz

Top 20 Free Paytm Cash Apps Of 2021

Top 20 Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps Of 2021

You may also used some of these free Paytm cash apps. But many of them are fake and don’t give any payment. But in today’s list, here are all real apps that really give free Paytm cash to its users. You just need to complete the simple tasks. Not only that, but most of these free Paytm cash apps also provide refer and earn offers. That means you can also generate free Paytm cash to your wallet by just telling about these apps to your friends and family members.

You can also take the help of your Facebook or other social media profiles to spread your referral links. Whatsapp group does a great job to invite friends to these free Paytm cash apps and earn money via them. I’ve also seen people who earned huge Paytm cash using these apps that give free Paytm cash.

First of all, you will get point to your app wallet and then after reaching a specific amount on each of these apps, you can easily transfer those points that you earned by doing simple tasks and by referring your friends to your Paytm wallet. Then you are free to use these free Paytm cash for whatever you want. You can recharge your phone, pay the bill, recharge DTH and use other services of Paytm using these free Paytm cash. Most of the time, you can also use these cash on third party merchant sites such as BookMyShow, Ola Cab, etc who support Paytm wallet as their payment method.

So, without any further talk, let’s see the top 20 free Paytm cash giving apps which you can use now to generate unlimited Paytm wallet cash:

Free Paytm Cash Apps 2021: News Dog

News Dog is a new app where you can read the news and participate in other contests and games to earn free Paytm cash. The app recently invested huge money in marketing and it has over 1 crore installs from Google Play Store which is huge. This free Paytm cash apk gives you multiple ways to earn.

You can play the NewsDog Malamaal game and give the correct answer to all 12 questions asked to win Paytm cash. This app also lets you join various events on the app itself to earn even more. This app also has a rewarding referral program which allows you to earn free Paytm cash by sharing this app with your friends and neighbors.

Along with that benefit, you can enjoy recent, breaking and local news on 10 different regional languages of India. It also supports offline reading so that you can use it when you don’t have an active internet connection. It also provides a video section, so you can easily earn Paytm cash by watching videos.

>> Get NewsDog App.

Free Paytm Cash Apps 2021: EarnTalktime

This is one of the oldest free recharge apps that exists now. Previously, it was giving free recharges to mobile numbers only, you can guess this by its name “Earn Talktime”. But now, it’s providing the amount you earn into your Paytm wallet. So, you can easily earn free Paytm cash using the EarnTalktime app.

It’s currently the only app that provides free Bonus for life. In this app, you can get Paytm cash by installing other apps on your smartphone, filling small surveys, etc. The app is also very addictive because you can access a bunch of things on this app such as daily horoscope, videos, entertainment news, exciting games and many more.

Along with these features, this app also has a very powerful refer and earn program where you can also earn Paytm cash by inviting friends and others. You can share your referral link with your Facebook friends. Or use Whatsapp groups. After reaching a specific amount on your Earn Talktime account, you can transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet without any hassle.

The app currently has over 1 crore downloads, a total of 580,963 people reviewed this app on the Play store and has 4.2 rating. 379k people out of 580k has given 5 Star to this app. Seems like huge money has been provided already to millions of users. If you didn’t use EarnTalktime before, try it now.

>> Get EarnTalktime App.

Free Paytm Cash Apps 2021: TaskBucks

TaskBucks is the app which I have used multiple time personally on different Android devices to get free Paytm cash again and again. The app is already very popular. People trust it and they already earned a huge reward from this app. But the only downside of this app is, there are not so many apps you can install from this app that gives a big amount. Instead of that, you will get various apps with a small reward amount.

The main money making feature of this app is, it’s referral program. You can earn huge by referring it. Normally, you can get Paytm cash by installing apps on your device. And you can use multiple devices with different accounts to earn even more. That means you can use your own phone, your mom’s & dad’s or any other Android device if you have. Then create multiple accounts and by referring one from the other.

And now, Reliance Jio is providing great 4G speed at a reasonable and cheap price. So you can install more apps in a short time. Some of the apps that you install will provide you instant reward to your TaskBucks account and some of those will ask you to keep the app installed on your phone for a specific period of time such as 1 week. After reaching the limit, transfer it to your Paytm wallet as free Paytm cash and enjoy it!

>> Get TaskBucks App.

Free Paytm Cash Apps 2021: BrainBaazi

This is the most recent and new live trivia quiz show app where you can earn tons of free Paytm cash by participating in the quiz. This app provides you the most interesting and knowledge-gaining way to earn Paytm cash. The app is made by the popular news company – Times Internet Limited. More that one million people already installed this app and got free Paytm cash to their wallet.

First of all, you need to install the BrainBaazi app. Then participate in the quiz game for free. Every day at 9 PM, it broadcasts a live show where they ask 11 questions. You will need to provide the correct answer to all of those questions to win the quiz contest. You can take up to 10 seconds to answer each of those questions otherwise you’ll be eliminated from that quiz.

But you will get multiple answers for the questions. And you just need to select the correct one. If you become able to provide all the correct answers, you’ll win the quiz and they will show your username on their leaderboard which everyone will see.

They set a specific amount for each quiz shows, and all winners get the same amount from that specific amount. That means if they set Rs 50,000 as their prize of a specific quiz show. And 50 participants win the quiz, each of them will get, Rs 50,000 divided by 50 winners = Rs 1,000. So, the reward depends on the prize value and the number of winners.

Once you got your reward to your account, you can then send it to your wallet as free Paytm cash. The other big advantage of this app is, not only Paytm, if you use Mobikwik, you can transfer the money to your Mobikwik wallet as well. And then you can use that amount as real money.

The referral program of BrainBaazi app is a bit different than others. Where other free Paytm cash apps don’t provide much for their main tasks, BrainBaazin provides most of the amount for their main activity which is live quiz show. But to participate in more live quiz shows, you will be needed life. And the way you can collect more lives is by referring the BrainBaazi app to their friends and family. If anyone installs and sign up on the BrainBaazi app by using your referral link, you will get a free life by which you can participate in another live quiz show where you can earn even more free Paytm cash and then enjoy it wherever you want.

>> Get BrainBaazi App.

Apps That Give Paytm Cash: Loco App

Loco is very similar to our previous app BrainBaazi. You can apply the same method here to earn free Paytm cash to your wallet. On the Loco app, you can participate in the Quiz show every day at 10 PM. And on weekdays, it will start from 1:30 PM. Total 10 fun questions will be asked and you need to choose the right answer with 10 seconds. If you become able to give correct answers to all of those questions, you will win the game.

The prize amount starts from Rs 10k and goes up depending on how many users are participating in the live trivia game using Loco app on their device. You also need to have a fast internet connection so that you can watch the show live without any interruption. And fast net also helps you to delivery your selected answer to the Loco’s server at the right time.

Apart from earning free Paytm cash, it will also help you to gain knowledge on various topics such as general knowledge, technology facts, entertainment World, sports, food, current events and many more. They will also start hosting their live quiz shows in different regional languages. This app also helps you when you are preparing for Govt exams where you need to know about a various off topic which can’t be found on books.

>> Get Loco App.

Free Paytm Cash Apk 2021: Pocket Money

Pocket Money is another great app to earn Paytm cash online. Currently, this app has over 5 million installs on Google Play Store. This amazing money giving app has partnered with most of the popular third-party companies such as Amazon, PhonePe, etc. You can say, this is the best app when it comes to getting Paytm cash by installing apps.

But this is not the only benefit that you can get from this app. You can also get various coupons and offers which can be redeemed at various online shopping stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, ShopClues, etc. In fact, you can earn extra cashback for shopping online using the Pocket Money app.

Along with that, it’s referral program will help you make more free Paytm cash by inviting others through your own referral code. This app is also compatible with most of the Android phones and the size of this app is around 26MB. Here we are not mentioning the actual reward amount for tasks and referrals because this thing keeps changing every time.

>> Get PocketMoney App.

Paytm Cash Earning Games: Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash is the best app when it comes to free Paytm cash earning games. This this the first app in our list, which lets you earn Paytm cash by playing Games. It’s actually a bulb shooting game where you can break bulbs using a slingshot. The bonus payment method for this game is Paypal. If you have Paypal ID, then you can also transfer your Paytm cash which you’ve got by playing Bulb Smash game.

This game was selected as one of the most addictive games of the year 2017. Some of its core features are: (i) break the bulbs using slingshot withing a specific time and earn coins, (ii) the multiplayer option comes weekly to play with your buddies, (iii) super level let’s you earn unlimited Paytm wallet cash, (iv) You can also bet before playing and if you win the game, you will get double amount of coins, (v) you can see the name of your competitors and other players on the leader-board.

>> Get BulbSmash App.

Earn Paytm Cash With Fun: Injoy App

Injoy is a fun and social app where you can earn Paytm cash by watching videos, sharing your own stuff, inviting friends, etc. The best thing about this Injoy app is, here you will find funny content. So you will automatically use this app to have fun and your wallet will be full with free Paytm cash.

Currently, the app want’s to get more long-term users, that’s why they are providing a good number of points to its users. You just need to create your own account on Injoy and then you can also see what others are sharing in the community. It also allows you to post anonymously, which means you can share your own images, videos, etc and nobody will know your identity. Still, you will get likes, comments, and shares from other users and followers.

The app gives you points for different activities on the Injoy app. And you can then convert the points into real money and then transfer it to your Paytm wallet as cash. You just need to install the app and sign-in to the app from the “Me” tab and you will get 100 points.

After that, you can refer Injoy app with your buddies and for each referral, you will receive points which are equivalent to Rs 5 free Paytm cash. But to boost the referral process, Injoy is giving Rs 30 to the person who joins using your referral link. So, you can easily refer friends, because they are also getting a good amount of Paytm cash just for joining on the app using your referral link.

Another earning method of this app is by referring visitors to the app. That means if your referral link is getting clicks from other persons, you will earn Rs 1 per click. The maximum limit of this method is Rs 20. But you can easily share your referral links on your different social media accounts and get visitors to your referral link.

Once you reach Rs 100 on your Injoy wallet, you can ask for the redemption and transfer all the amount that you earned to your Paytm wallet as free Paytm cash. It may take up to 48 hours to be credited to your wallet.

>> Get Injoy App.

Earn Paytm Cash By Shopping: ShoppingPost App

This is the one and the only app in our free Paytm cash apps list which provides Paytm cash for shopping online. Today, most of the young people of this country shop online. And nothing can be more helpful if you get free Paytm cash for just shopping online from different stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc.

You just need to purchase products from your favorite online shopping store through ShoppingPost app and then upload the screenshot of your bill using the app. They will verify your bills and track the order and boom! You will get free Paytm cash into your wallet instantly.

This app also provides a free signup bonus. That means you can get free cash for creating your account on the ShoppingPost app. Just use referral code at the time of creating your account. And you need to put the phone number which is connected with your Paytm account because ShoppingPost automatically sends you the reward to the Paytm account of the phone number which you entered at the time of signing up on the app.

After that, you can keep earning more free Paytm cash by just purchasing products from different online stores through the app. And then, when you receive the product, upload a clear image of your invoice by clicking a picture with your smartphone’s back camera. Then upload it and after they verify your order, you’ll be rewarded with Paytm cash as cashback. And your own referral code will be unlocked once you have verified at least one product.

>> Get ShoppingPost App.

Bid & Win Paytm Cash: Databuddy App

This is another amazing Paytm cash giving app in our list. Databuddy app is a combination of multiple attractive things. First of all, you can get various free cashback offers when you are on the homepage of this app. But then, there are other great options which will let you bid and win various gadgets every day.

This is a kind of social app also because the Databuddy app lets you share viral pictures, photos, quotes and memes with other users of the app. The free Paytm cash survey trick is also here in the app. You can just participate in various surveys from the Databuddy app and it’ll keep rewarding you.

You can also earn Paytm cash by watching videos on the Databuddy app. There are a lot of other activities also which can be done on the Databuddy app. And for every activity, you will be rewarded free Paytm cash. And after reaching a specific limit, you can transfer all of the rewards that you got by participating in different activities on the Databuddy app to your Paytm wallet.

The other biggest advantage of this Databuddy app is, it also gives you a huge amount for referring friends. By the time or writing articles, it’s giving around Rs 106 for just inviting friends and other users to the Databuddy app. So, if you have a lot of friends or your family is so big that there are many members in your family who are using smartphones, then you can earn a huge amount of free Paytm cash by just inviting all of them through your referral link.

>> Get DataBuddy App.

Earn Paytm Cash By Reading News: DON App

DON is basically a news app where you can read all the latest and breaking news at your fingertips. Apart from providing true news, the Don app also provides great deals, viral stories, funny jokes/videos, memes. A new feature from the Don app now lets it’s users chat online with each other which is a great way to explore more people. The app also works as a social media community.

But the most amazing part is, this app gives free Paytm cash for participating in reading their content, contests. You can upload theme based selfies and win big prizes also. Along with that, the Don app also has a powerful refer and earn program where you can earn huge free Paytm cash by just inviting others to participate in the Don app through your referral link.

>> Get Don App.

Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash: Slide App

This app is also very similar to the NewsDog app. Slide app also shows you various trending news from different categories such as cricket, sports, technology, politics and many more. It has its own coins that can be earned by just unlocking your phone and then you can convert the coins that you earned and transfer them to your Paytm wallet.

Slide app also provides referral fee which is currently Rs 5. So, you can just refer others by sharing your referral link and you will get more free Paytm cash whenever a person installs the Slide app using your link. Basically, social media websites like Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp groups are the best place to get a lot of referral within a short time.

>> Get Slide App.

Earn Paytm Cash By Playing Games Online: Kapow

Kapow is an Android game and by playing it, you can easily earn Paytm cash in your free time. The good thing about this game is it’s a multiplayer game. So, you can also tell your friends to join this game and play with you online. Or you can also play games with random real persons from different places.

Kapow is not a single game. It’s basically a hub of different games and a new game comes every week. So, you will never get bored with this app and free Paytm cash will continue to be credited to your wallet as you spend your free time playing various exciting games on the Kapow app.

>> Get Kapow App.

Earn Paytm Cash By Installing Apps: CashBoss

Cashboss has been in the market for a very long time. CashBoss is a venture of CouponDunia. The app provides you real money for installing app on your smartphone. You just need to follow the instructions to install and use the app and boom! It will credit money into your Cashboss wallet. After that, you can transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet and enjoy it!

Cashboss is the real app that lets you earn Paytm cash by installing apps. Apart from that, it also gives Rs 25 instantly for any referral. You will get your unique referral code once you are signed in to the CashBoss app and then it also allows you to directly share your referral link and refer code to all the popular social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

The app itself claimed to be India’s #1 free cash app and more than 2 million people have already used it and earned near about 17 crores since the app launched. The referral reward keeps changing from time to time. And the app also provides you an option to recharge your mobile instantly through the cash on your CashBoss wallet. The app also has over 1 million installs on Google Play Store.

>> Get CashBoss App.

Earn Paytm Cash By Calling: SharkID App

SharkID app is a very strange and unique app. It comes with a concept by which, users can get too much control on their numbers and phonebook. You can actually see who saved your number to their phonebook. Not only that, but you can also search for numbers by age, hobby, profession, company, etc.

Every time a person calls you, you will be able to recognize that person behind the phone call with the help of the SharkID app. It also allows users to make their number more attractive like Sexy 707, James and HiKitty. As of now, the company claimed to have over 35 million active users on its platform.

You can also create groups and publish them, make groups for your colleagues, family members, teachers, etc. Contacts that you saved with different names but contains the same number will be merged automatically. Dead contact numbers will also be deleted if you give them permission.

Now, here comes the most rewarding part of SharkID. Do you know? This is the only app in its kind that is providing free Paytm cash for calling to others using this app? Yes! You can now earn money by calling others. Then transfer all the credits to your Paytm wallet and do whatever you want to do with that.

>> Get SharkID App.

Play Quiz And Earn Paytm Cash: Mob Show

Mob Show is a trivia app where you can earn Paytm cash by playing quiz. Though we have other quiz apps to earn Paytm cash in this list. But this is one of the best among them. By playing this quiz, you can earn up to Rs 55,000 free Paytm cash each day. Quizzes start at 5 PM, 8 PM and 9:30 PM IST. A total of 10 questions are asked and you just need to answer those questions correctly within the given time. And you can also win the quiz.

Unlike other free Paytm cash apps, Mob Show conducts a different type of referral program. Normally, other apps reward cash amount for each and every successful referral. But Mob Show gives you a bonus lifeline every time you invite and join someone on the Mob Show app. And with that, chances of winning the quiz increases for you.

>> Get MobShow App.

Frizza: Earn Free Paytm Cash By Downloading Apps

Frizza is another money making app where you can earn free Paytm cash by downloading apps and games from Google Play Store. Each app comes with several instructions. Some of them give you instant cash into your Frizza wallet and some of them need to be there for a specific period like 7 days or 3 days.

Once you download the given app from the Play Store through the Frizza app, it will give you free Paytm cash. You may also redeem your points for mobile recharge or DTH recharge. The recharge option is built-in on the Frizza app. On the offer wall, you may also see some surveys, just participate in them and give the correct answers, and it will also give you Paytm cash for free.

>> Get Frizza App.

Get Paytm Cash Earning Games: FreePaisa

Though this title shows that using the FreePaisa app, you can actually play Paytm cash earning games online. But apart from this, FreePaisa is a mixture of different tasks which can give you free Paytm cash on your wallet. The FreePaisa app currently has more than 1 million installs on Google Play Store and more than 47 thousand users have given a 5-star rating. So probably, the app is going to be very rewarding.

Basically, the FreePaisa app is a combination of all other free Paytm cash giving apps in this list. You can earn Paytm cash by downloading apps but it also gives a lot of other ways to earn too. Like, you can also earn Paytm cash by watching videos, participating in surveys, watching advertisements and many more. If you really want to earn more Paytm cash to your wallet, FreePaisa is a must-try app for you.

>> Get FreePaisa App.

Have Fun & Get Free Paytm Cash: 4Fun App

4Fun is a social app where you can post your own funny content. Here you can also watch funny content of others all over the India. Not only funny, but users also post viral, general knowledge, hot video clips, etc on this app on daily basis. So, if you are bored with something, just open this app and have some fun.

Here at 4Fun app, you can also follow other users like Twitter and you’ll keep receiving all the stuffs that are posted by the person whom you follow. You are also open to share your own short videos and slideshows. This app also has a built-in video editor tool where you can give cool looks and creative effects to your videos and then share it with other people in the 4Fun community.

At the time of writing this article, 4Fun app is giving Rs 30 just for signing up for the app. And after that, you can head over to the join reward plan option of the app and redeem the money that you earned to your Paytm wallet as free Paytm cash. Along with that, you can also share your referral link with your friends and you will get Rs 7 Paytm cash for each referral.

>> Get 4Fun App.

Quiz Apps To Earn Paytm Cash: TopQuiz

TopQuiz app is totally based on the concept of “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. Here you can participate on online quizzes and you need to answer all the questions asked in the quiz correctly. But you can choose from a bunch of topics so that you will be asked questions which is related to your selected topic.

The TopQuiz app increases your IQ. Thousands of contestants join the quiz everyday and you can join too. By participating in the daily quiz contest, you could win the mega cash prize. Along with that, you can also invite others through your referral link to increase the score on the app.

This app has different types of quiz questions such as Logos, Bollywood, Cricket, Guess Who, India, Odd one out, etc. Logo topic is my personal favorite. Here you need to identify the logos of different brands and some words of that logo will be missing and you need to fulfill those questions. For each correct answers, you will get reward points which are transferable to your Paytm wallet as free Paytm cash.

>> Get TopQuiz App.

Final Words On Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps

So, I hope you guys found a lot of free Paytm cash giving apps on this article. Try them if you need free Paytm cash by downloading apps, playing games online, watching videos, playing games and quiz, watching ads, filling surveys, etc. If any of these free Paytm cash giving apps refuse to give you free Paytm cash, please let me know in the comment section and I’ll look for the error and I’ll try to replace that app with other free Paytm cash giving apps.

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