Brand New Redmi 5A Just Bent At First Charging, Could Explode If Continued To Charge

According to Xiaomi itself, Redmi 5A already got over 1 million sales within the first month of launch. But recently, with a customer, who ordered Redmi 5A from Flipkart, this incident happened. The user were charging the Redmi 5A for first time and the phone get bent. Soon, the customer disconnected the charging cable and discontinued to charge. The phone could explode or catch fire if the user continue to charge without noticing it.

Redmi 5A Bent, Could Explode

Source: Video

The name of the customer seems to be “Muktarul SK” on the bill provided by Flipkart. After the incident, he visited a local smartphone shop and submitted the phone for review. There, a person named “Gobinda Paul” made a video on it featuring the bent phone and uploaded the video on Facebook through his own profile. Yesterday I found the video (posted 15 hours ago from 10:24AM 25th February) and I tried to contact the person today.

In most of the cases like this, Brands always blame duplicate charger or battery. But, in this case, the Redmi 5A was brand new and the user used the original charger and battery provided by the manufacturer. So, where is the fault here?

We already sent an email to Xiaomi, regarding this matter. We are also trying to meet the person, with whom, all these things happened. Now let’s see, what response we get from Xiaomi India on this incident which took place in Cooch Behar, West Bengal.

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