Here’s Jio Phone Next Booking Date: Pre Book India Ka SmartPhone

On 24th August 2017, Reliance started the first pre-booking for Jio Phone which is known as India ka smartphone. There was really huge demand because Jio is offering great features on Jio Phone. Above that, the phone is effectively free. So, due to heavy demand, the official Jio website crashed and then re-opened again. After a million booking, Jio stopped it. And recently we got the Jio Phone next booking date. If you didn’t pre-booked Jio Phone, then you can book it on the Jio Phone next booking date at Rs 500 only.

Jio Phone Next Booking Date

In our previous articles, we shared how to get Jio Phone dealership to setup a business with Jio and earn good money. Then we also share how one can track Jio Phone order status. After all users are getting half GB of high speed 4G data each day with unlimited voice calling under Jio 153 plan. On top of this, users can also connect their Jio Phone with any television to enjoy live streaming on Tv. So, people are very exited and everybody wants to book Jio Phone. Most of the users will use it as their secondary phone and some senior citizens will use it for regular use. So, both type of users need this phone. That’s why the demand is very high and after the first sale, everybody wants to know Jio Phone next booking date.

Jio Phone Next Booking Date

After getting millions of pre-bookings, the official Jio website is showing “Millions have pre-booked”. But there is no Jio Phone next booking date showing. Users can only register by their email address to get notification when the sale will be re-started again. But, we have recently got to know about Jio Phone next booking date which is 6th of September 2017. So, only few days are left. Then Jio Phone’s second pre-booking session will start. Users will be able to pre-book the Jio Phone on 6th September from 5:30PM. See our previous article to know how you can pre-book Jio Phone for you.

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You have to pay Rs 500 at the time of pre-booking. When the phone will be delivered to your address you will have to pay Rs 1000 to the delivery person. After three years of use, if you want, you can return the Jio Phone to any Jio Digital Store and get back your Rs 1,500. So, at the end, the phone will be absolutely free for you. Keep in mind that, once the pre-booking starts, you can also book Jio Phone offline. But make sure that the store is genuine and not just taking your documents in advance.

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