How To Become A Jio Phone Distributor In Your Locality And Earn Good Money From Reliance?

In my past article, I have explained how to become a Jio DTH distributor. And in this article, I am going to show you how to get Jio Phone dealership or Jio Phone distributorship in your city and earn some good money out of this business. So, read this till it’s end you will get some valuable information about Jio Phone Franchise. You could make up to Rs 2 Lakh per month by heading over to this business with Reliance Jio.

Jio Phone Dealership Distributorship Franchise

About Jio Phone Dealership

Recently, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani has announced the Jio Phone, a feature phone with 4G VoLTE network support. RIL has also ensured that the Jio Phone will be provided for effectively free of cost. So, obviously there is huge demand for this feature phone across India. And to get the sale done right way, Reliance will need many distributor around India. So, if you have no job right now and you want to earn some good money by setting up a business, Jio Phone dealership is for you.

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You may have already seen that there are people talking about the Jio Phone on social media in your locality. And most of them want to buy Jio Phone as their secondary phone or gift an aged person. On the other side, users just need to deposit Rs 1,500 which is 100% refundable after 3 years to get the Jio Phone. So, Jio want more Jio Phone distributors who will do the things for them and get smart income from Reliance Jio.

How To Get Jio Phone Distributorship?

In order to become a Jio Phone distributor in your locality, you must have a good place either your own or in rent. The place must be in a crowded and good location of your city. You also have to manage some co-workers with you to maintain all the requirements of customers. Then you have to deposit a fixed amount to Jio’s bank account and once you get the final approval from Jio, you can start the business in collaboration with Reliance company. This was the summary of the whole process to get Jio Phone dealership. Now, I will describe the whole details below.

Eligible Cities For Jio Phone Dealership

As I told you above, the service will be laid all over India. So every states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are eligible for Jio Phone Franchise. In very crowded cities, there will be multiple position open for Jio Phone franchise. But you must apply fast because may be there are also other peoples looking for the Jio Phone distributorship. As quickly you act, as quickly you get the approval and set up the place.

Jio Phone Dealership Details

Below you can see some facts and their details about Jio Phone distributorship.

Jio Phone Dealership Facts Details
Application Starts From 14th August 2017
Highest Monthly Salary Rs 2,00,000 Per Month
Jio Phone Toll Free Number 1860-893-3333
Customer Care Email care@jio.com

Jio Phone Distributorship Online Registration

The phone is not yet launched in the market. So it will take some time to begin the Jio phone dealership online registration process. Once it starts, we will inform you in our site. Then you have to upload the scanned copy of various documents including the paper of the place. As of now, you can inform some of your local guys who would like to work with you and they will also get a good amount of money each month from Reliance Jio.

Requirements For Jio Phone Dealership

  • A fare place (self owned or rented).
  • Some co-workers for basic tasks.
  • Refundable money for deposit to Jio.
  • Time and interest on this work.

Responsibilities For Jio Phone Franchise

Off-course there are some responsibilities on you if you want to be a Jio Phone distributor in your city. You must give good service to get more customer. The monthly salary for you could go over 2 lacks per month which is huge compared to any other basic business or job. Co-workers will get Rs 20,000 monthly. So, with you, they are also getting employed in this business.

The main task will be getting stocks of Jio Phone phone from your senior distributor and sell those phones in your locality. The more phone you sell, the more revenue you get. But the minimum salary is fixed at a reasonable amount which is Rs 30,000. This may vary from city to city. That means you will still get minimum Rs 30,000 monthly salary if you don’t get any sell of Jio’s product.

But you will have to do Jio Phone recharges and give the assistance to the customers. In near future, Jio will also start selling “Jio Phone Tv Cable”, a hardware which allows users to connect their Jio Phone with any television. So, the price of that product will be fixed separately. You can earn more by selling those products. At the end, Jio Phone dealership is a good option to go for a smart salary.

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