Jio POS Plus Download New Version APK 2019

Jio Pos Plus Apk

First of all, I want to say that Jio Pos Plus apk is made for Jio retailers only. This is not for normal use. So, use it only if you are a retailer and want to recharge your customer’s Jio numbers without much effort. I’ll also share the Jio Pos Plus apk latest version download link from where you can download the app on your phone and then use it. So, in this article, I’m going to tell you how to use Jio Pos Plus apk and make it easy to recharge Jio numbers for your customers.

Jio POS Plus Apk Download

As I mentioned first, this app is a all-in-one app for Jio retailers, it can also be used to activate new Jio sim cards. The retailers also get commission according to the recharge amount. So, without any further talk, let’s go to the how to part of this Jio Pos plus app.

Jio POS Plus APK Latest Version Download Link

As of now, the app is not available on any official store. But you don’t need to worry. I have uploaded the latest version of the app on Google Drive and you can download it from there. Below are the steps to get this app on your Android device.

Jio Pos Plus Apk

  • Jio Pos Plus Apk Download 12.0.1 from this link.
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Make sure your settings allows third party installs.
  • Now, open the app and see how to use it below.

How To Use Jio POS Plus Apk To Recharge Numbers?

Now, before you start recharging, you need to register on the app. Below I’ve listed all the steps. Follow them carefully to start using the app. As I mentioned above that normal users can’t use this app. You need to be a registered Jio retailer. Only then you can use the app.

  • Firstly, open the app.
  • Insert your PRM ID and Password.
  • Tap on Jio Recharge option.
  • Now, enter the Jio number and select recharge type.
  • You can browse plans which are available for that number.
  • Choose the plan and proceed to pay.
  • Select any of the payment method and pay the amount.
  • That’s it. You’ll receive an SMS after successful recharge.

How Much Profit You Can Make Via Jio Pos Plus Apk?

The app pays a certain amount of commission to the Jio retailers. According to a Jio retailer who use this Jio Pos plus apk, Jio pays upto 6% commission for each transaction made via the app. The earning amount is pretty high when any retailer activates a new Jio sim card via the Jio Pos plus app. It pays flat Rs 40 per activation. On the top, the app is very user friendly and light weight. Everything is so simple and it’s a great way to recharge and activate Jio numbers for Jio’s registered retailers.

Jio POS Plus Download New Version 2019


Update: Now it’s 2019 and RJio didn’t made any Jio Pos Plus apk download new version 2019. The old app is already good and very easy to use for all Jio retailers. Jio has recently decreased the price of their exiting plans like before and sales already increased. More people are using Jio instead of any other internet providers.

Jio POS Plus For PC

Jio Pos Plus For PC

Many people are also asking for Jio Pos plus for pc but let me tell you about it. As of now, there is nothing like Jio pos plus for pc, because most of the retailers don’t have a pc and the World is going mobile. So, Reliance decided to release the mobile only version of the Jio pos plus apk. Though you can use Android simulatiors such as BlueStack, to run Jio pos plus for PC.

Jio Pos Plus 10.1.7 / 10.0.1 / 10.0.1 / 10.2.1 / 9.9.1 Download

Let me tell you one thing. I have given you the best & new version of Jio pos plus apk above. So, you can just download that version and install it on your phone to serve your customers mobile recharges and other promotional activities of Reliance Jio. My given version is also better than Jio Pos Plus 10.0.1, 10.0.1 apk, 10.2.1 and 9.9.1 download.

How To Use Jio Pos Plus Apk For Retailers?

Basically, Jio pos plus apk is made for Reliance Jio retailers who will provide service to their customers. These services includes but not limited to Jio plan recharge, activating new Jio sim cards, linking user’s Aadhaar card with Jio sim number, providing Jio offers and many more.

So, if you want to provide services to your Jio customers, you must have Jio pos plus app and just install and open the app to start providing service digitally using your smartphone. But make sure you have an working internet connection because Jio pos plus apk requires internet connection in order to communicate with Jio’s server. Below, you can see how to install Jio Pos Plus app on your phone and start using it.

Installing Jio Pos Plus App On Android

  • Firstly, download Jio pos plus apk on your phone from the download link given earlier in this article.
  • Once you download Jio Pos plus app, click on the app icon from file manager. It will take you to the install screen on your android device. I have added the screenshots also so that you can understand the whole process easily.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018

  • Now just click on the install option at bottom.
  • It will start installing Jio Pos Plus app on your phone immediately.
  • Once the app is installed on your phone, click on the open option.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018

  • Now the Jio Pos Plus app will be launched on your screen.
  • And it will say “Please install the other required package – click OK to continue” that means Jio Pos plus app requires another package called JioPOSEKYCLibrary in order to work properly.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018 Install Package

  • Just click on Ok option and it will automatically download that package from Jio’s server directly.
  • Once the short download session is finished, the install page of “JioPOSEKYCLibrary” will appear on your screen.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018 Install Package JioPOSEKYCLibrary

  • Just click on next and then tap on install and it will start installing “JioPOSEKYCLibrary” on your device.
  • Once the installation is done, you won’t see the open option because this new package will be integrated with the Jio Pos Plus apk which you have installed earlier. So, just click on done and you will be redirected to the Jio Pos Plus app login screen.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018 Install Package JioPOSEKYCLibrary Done

  • Then it will tell you to enter your Jio retailer user id and password.

Jio Pos Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2018 Login Page

  • You can also see the tag “Powered by Jio” on the login screen which ensures that this app is made by Jio itself and not by any unauthorized organisation. So the app is completely safe and secure.
  • If you don’t have the user id and password, simply contact with your up line from which person you have taken the Jio Giga Fiber dealership or Jio distributorship/retailer-ship. He/she will guide you to get your Jio Pos Plus user id and password.
  • Once you get all the credentials, simply enter them on the app login screen.
  • Now just check the box which says “Training Mode”. It will start guiding you how to use Jio Pos Plus app itself. As I am not a Jio retailer, I don’t have these credentials that means I am not allowed to use this app. So, I can’t guide you further. But you don’t need to worry. Because the Training Mode on Jio Pos Plus app itself will guide you how to use the app to provide service to your customers.
  • Then just click on the login option and you’re done.
  • Observe the Training Mode’s guide carefully and it will well-educate you about Jio Pos Plus app and you will know how to use this app for Jio retailers.

Jio Pos Plus Apk New Latest Version Download Link For 2019

Jio Pos Plus is a must-have app for all the Jio retailers who provide new Jio sim cards. To activate the new sim cards, it’s a very essential app. But you can’t get this app directly from any app store such as Google Play Store or Apple/iOS app store. You need to download this app separately from any third-party websites like this one. Here, we collect the latest & Jio Pos Plus Update version so that you are always updated with the best backend technology from Reliance Jio.

In above section, we have already provided the working Jio Pos Plus download link. The download link provided is a Dropbox (Cloud Storage Provider) link where the Jio Pos Plus apk file is hosted securely. The name of the file is “JioPOS Plus From PriceKaato Blog”. And you can also see the .apk extension of the file. We have tested the apk file properly and it’s free from any kind of virus. It’s a completely secure app and we have provided the absolutely untouched file provided by Reliance Jio itself making it sure that there are no fault in the Jio Pos Plus new version apk file. None of your data will be missed or stolen by this app.

On the download page, you won’t see any app preview, because Dropbox, the cloud-storage provider we are using to host files for download doesn’t support preview for apk files. So, you just need to click on the “Download” button provided on the download page (Blue Color) and it’ll automatically start saving the Jio Pos Plus app into your device. You can also use the share button to share the hosted apk file directly to your friends by entering their email id. Or simply you can click on the copy link option and then share it manually with anyone. And anyone who have the link can download Jio pos plus apk file easily and install it into their Android device. This way if you have multiple retail stores or multiple employee/workers/shop keepers who need this Jio Pos Plus apk to activate Jio sim cards or need to serve other purpose, you can simply send the download link to everyone via email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger or by normal text message (SMS).

Jio Pos Plus APK Download New Version Apk File

As we told you in above paragraphs, we always try to collect the current and new updated version of the Jio Pos Plus apk. Once we find it on the internet or collect it from the official Reliance Jio executive/sources, we simply upload it to a secure cloud-storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox and share the download link to this page, so that you can easily download the latest version and get new updates and features to provide more facilities to your own Jio customers.

Apart from that, we always change the download link to the updated versions. So, you don’t need to be confused about different mirror links of Jio Pos Plus apk. Here in this page, there is only one download link provide earlier in this article. And that is the main link which we keep updating when we get any new updated version of Jio Pos Plus apk. So, you can simply download the app from the same place clicking/tapping on the same link provided above. And it will automatically take you to the latest version download page from where you can get this app for you within few seconds/minutes. At the same time, if you find that, our version is outdated and there are new versions available on the internet, you can notify us simply by dropping a comment in this article from below, or by leaving a comment on the download page provided by Dropbox. On Dropbox page, there is also an option to mention other commentators as well. The size of the Jio Pos Plus download new version apk is exactly 47.65MB. You can easily download it within seconds, if not, in minutes if you have a good internet speed. And then install it & serve your purpose at your retail store.

Jio Pos Plus Login ID & Password

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Jio Pos Plus app in your Android device, make sure that you also have the Jio Pos Plus login credentials such as user id and password. Because, without these credentials, you can’t enter into the app and avail services. Before you proceed, please collect your user id and proper password. Then enter these credential after the splash screen of the app ends. Once you entered all the details correctly, you will get option for all the features and benefits which comes with the Jio Pos Plus app by default.

If you don’t have your own Jio Pos Plus Login credentials (i.e. user Id & password) then you need to contact to Jio customer care and follow the steps given by them. Or you can also visit your nearest Jio Digital Store (if any) and collect the solution for this issue. Once you get all the correct credential to login to the Jio Pos Plus app, just turn on the data connection on your device by which you want to use this app and get all the features. Almost immediately, you can start your work such as activating new Jio sim cards, providing your customers various Jio prepaid and postpaid plan recharges, Jio booster plan recharges or provide/activate various schemes provided by Reliance Jio to your own customers. Apart from that, also leave a comment below and let us know that you are able to do these things by using our Jio Pos Plus download link and latest updated version of 2019 which is also the best version of Jio Pos Plus apk till now.

Jio Pos Plus Update Version

As soon as Reliance Jio rolls out new features and options for it’s retailers, Jio Pos Plus update version comes. At the same time, we ensure that our Jio Pos Plus download link is also updated in time. So, to get the update version, you don’t need to visit other websites and get headache. You can simply visit this page again by bookmarking it into your web/internet browser. You then will require to click on the same download link again. But this time, you will be provided the all new Jio Pos Plus update version from the safe and 100% secure server provided by our cloud-storage partner Dropbox. But sometime, we may also use other cloud-storage providers such as Google Drive and ZippyShare to ensure that our download link is always up and running so that you can always visit this page and get the latest version of the app.

Hope you guys got all the required information about the Jio POS Plus apk download. Now, enjoy the app and recharge/activate Jio sim cards for your customers without any hassle and earn money from Reliance Jio. Stay tuned with our website to get more stuffs like this.

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