Here’s How You Can Get Jio Phone Full Refund (Rs 1,500) After Using It For 3 Years

I think most of you know that Jio Phone is effectively free of cost and you can actually claim Jio Phone refund after using the phone for three years. But the question is, how? Don’t worry bro. In this article, we are going to show you how to claim Jio Phone refund and get the full amount back by submitting your 3 year used Jio Phone.

Claim Jio Phone Refund

Reliance is actually giving a lot of features on their Jio Phone under a very tight budget. On the top of it, there is also a Jio 153 plan which is dedicated for use with this Jio Phone only. The most surprising thing about Jio Phone is it supports 4G VoLTE network. So, after all getting Jio Phone refund is a great money saving idea for most of the users. It makes the Jio Phone effectively free of cost. Though some other telcos and phone manufacturers are launching 4G feature phones, but none of them comes with return and refund policy. And their price is also higher than Jio Phone.

How To Claim Jio Phone Refund After 3 Years?

Firstly, keep in mind that, you can’t get the Jio Phone refund instantly anytime after buying the phone. You have to wait at least 3 years to claim the full refund. Use the phone carefully. If the phone breaks or you lose the phone, refund will be cancelled. After checking all these conditions follow the steps given below to claim Jio mobile phone refund.

  • Take your Jio Phone and bill.
  • Visit your nearest Jio Digital Store.
  • Submit the phone and bill to them and ask for refund.
  • If everything is fine, you will get Rs 1,500 (Full Refund).

Here I want to say that, it’s not necessary to get the refund. If you like the phone even after three years, you can keep it with you and keep using the phone. Use for more time and then submit if you want your money back. But you have to wait for minimum three years to claim Jio Phone refund. And it’s also not necessary to visit the same Jio store for the refund from where you bought the phone. You can buy the Jio Phone from any store and like that you can also get the refund from any Jio Digital store.

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  1. I have asked Jio outlet persons several times in the last 3 month. They have no info about the refund, nor they are ready to help me. This is what Reliance/Jio are. I do not want to use a nasty word to describe them

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