The Whole Story Of Reliance Jio From The Beginning

The Whole Story Of Reliance Jio From Beginning

The Beginning

Human life in India after the launch of Reliance Jio has changed a lot due to the fact that Jio provides the high speed uninterrupted internet connection at a very affordable price for a country where every people is engaged in finding only the value for money products.

Super Affordable Pricing Got So Much Love

Before Jio came into the market, the price of each GB of 3G data was very high and very few people had access to the high speed data connection with high number of GBs each month. Only few users used to have the wired connection from broadband companies like BSNL, Alliance, ACT Fibernet, etc.

Consumption Of Data Increased Like Anything

But once Jio came into play, it changed the whole scenario. People started using free 4G data at high speed. Jio then used to provide 4GB 4G data per day. People started streaming videos online to consume such huge data FUP each day. However the data speed had been increased after first few months and the FUP was decreased because RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani said into a launch event that people wasn’t consuming even 60% of data at the time when Jio used to provide 4GB data per day.

Jio Started Milking It’s Huge Customer Base

Then slowly slowly Jio started charging a very minimal cost along with free subscription to complimentary services such as Jio Music, Jio Cinema, etc.

Majority of the 4G device users had at least one Jio sim. But Jio then targeted the customers who didn’t have a 4G enabled smartphone or the users who has a computer and wanted to access internet using Jio.

Wide Targeting

It launched the JioFi, a dongle that can provide a WIFI network whereever you want. It let people share their internet connection too. It was loved by a lot of users including me. JioFi is just so convenient. You can carry it anywhere and use it on-the-go.

A Threat To Home Broadband Service Providers

Then in early 2019, people heard about JioFiber, Jio’s new service to target the people who want high speed wired internet connection for heavy use or for content creators, video streamers, offices, etc. Jio already started beta testing the service in metro cities. But very soon they will also bring it for general people. Before that, Jio also introduced JioPhone, a basic feature phone which has 4G network capabilities and users can use it to watch online content as well. It even had a front camera for video calling. Jio offered the JioPhone for free with their bundled data plans. It also got huge response from people who didn’t have or know how to operate a smartphone.

The Future Is Bright

Many more things from Jio is going to launch in future. Jio has also announced the Jio Smart Home service in addition to the JioFiber connection. It will provide a lot of stuffs to make your home a smart home. Just wait and watch how Jio disrupts the whole Indian economy and markets.

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