How To Get Amazon Prime Membership For Free Forever And Keep Enjoying It Without Paying A Penny?

Update: This trick might not work and I also don’t encourage you to do such unethical trick on Amazon. The good news is, Amazon India has launched a new plan of Amazon Prime subscription where you can pay just Rs 129 and use it for one month. Apart from that, some telecom operators such as Vodafone has also started offering discounted or free Amazon prime subscription with their telecom plan. So, don’t use these unethical tricks. Be gentle and pay & subscribe!

Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform all over the World. Currently, the CEO of Amazon, became the second most richest person in the Globe. So, you can understand, how much people trust it. Amazon India is also India’s No 1 online shopping destination. And Prime Membership is a part of it. It gives you a bunch of benefits. But unfortunately, it’s not free. So, in this article, I am going to show you how to get Amazon Prime for free forever and keep enjoying all the juice of it without paying a penny.

how to get amazon prime for free forever

India’s other popular online shopping stores are also offering some similar services like Amazon Prime. But it’s the best of it’s kind. You get tons of benefits out of it. If you are a student you could go for Amazon Prime free trial student, but that is for limited time. In this article, you are getting the way to avail Amazon Prime free trial again and again. But before moving to the main tutorial part, let’s know about Amazon Prime India details.

Benefits Of Getting Free Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime opens a huge opportunity to enjoy for online shoppers. This is packed with some extremely helpful services for shoppers who buy products from Amazon frequently. And one of the biggest benefit is, you will get some exclusive deals and maximum discounts on products everyday which are not available for non-prime users. Prime users also get 30 minute early access to any deal or coupon than regular users.

The second big thing is, Amazon Prime users get unlimited fast one-day and two-day delivery for free. Though this is not available in all cities of India, but peoples of over 100 cities can take advantage of such fast delivery service. And if your city is not within these 100 cities, you can get free standard delivery on any product you purchase. There will be no minimum purchase value.

All the Amazon Prime members can enjoy latest movies of different region along with Hollywood movies and some TV shows on Amazon Prime Video without paying any extra fee. It can be also accessed via iOS and Android devices anytime anywhere.

How To Get Amazon Prime For Free Forever?

There is a complete step by step process to get Amazon Prime for free forever in India. But, firstly you have to register for Amazon Prime India free trial. Then there is another process to get the Amazon Prime free trial again and again. This way you can enjoy this service for unlimited time without paying any money. But, just for information, I would like to tell you it’s actual price. It will show you how much money you can save with this trick.

Amazon Prime India Price

The normal price of Amazon Prime India membership is Rs 999. Though first time users can get it at Rs 499 only for a year, but I’m going to show you how to get Amazon Prime for free forever. So that, you don’t have to pay money again and again to get all the benefits. You can just repeat the process which will take 4-5 minutes hardly and will give you all for free forever.

How To Get Amazon Prime India Free Trial Membership?

Just follow the steps given below to avail Amazon Prime India free trial for first time.

  • First of all, go to Amazon Prime India registration page.
  • Tap on “Start your 30 Day free trial” option.
  • Login or create a new Amazon India account.
  • Enter your card details, don’t worry, money will not be deducted.
  • Type in all the other required details and that’s it.

Now you have got Amazon Prime India free trial for one month. Now let’s get into the next part to keep it free forever.

How To Get Amazon Prime Free Trial Again And Again?

It’s very simple to get Amazon prime free trial again. Because Amazon doesn’t keep track of your card details. So, you just have to create a new email address for free and then sign up for another new Amazon India account. Then follow the previous part again to get Amazon Prime free trial again. Keep repeating the process to get Amazon Prime for free forever.

Just keep in mind that, you have to delete your card details and cancel the trial before 30 days. Otherwise money will be deducted from your bank and you will get paid membership for one year. For first time users, it will deduct Rs 499 which is not so high price to enjoy such great benefits all over the year.

Hope you have understand how to get Amazon Prime for free forever and if you have any question, leave it below. Stay tuned with us to get latest shopping deals before everyone else. Make sure to subscribe our blog to get latest email updates for free.

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