Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018: 100% Working Methods

As all of us already know that RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani is going to end the Jio Summer Surprise and Dhan Dhana Dhan offer very soon. And then they will start charging money on monthly basis which is quite a problem for normal users. A large amount of people will left Jio and start using another telcos like Airtel, Vodafone etc. So, in this article, I have listed out all the Airtel free internet tricks for android 2018 which can be used to get free usage. All these Airtel free internet tricks are verified and 100% working. So, you can also be happy without Jio’s free services.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018

In this article we are going to show you a lot of airtel free internet tricks for android 2018. Not only for android, you can also use some of the tricks in your IOS or Windows phone or on your personal computer. Some tricks are actually offer from airtel and some tricks are invented by it’s users. I have tried my best to list out all the working airtel free internet code & tricks here.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018 Requirements

To begin with free net on airtel mobile, you just need few things. Firstly you need an Airtel Sim. To get free 3G/4G internet, you have to upgrade your Airtel Sim to Airtel 3G and 4G.

How To Upgrade Airtel Sim To 3G Easily?

  • At first, take your 3G supported handset.
  • Now go to your Messaging app.
  • Type “3G” and send it to 121.
  • That’s it. You will also get a confirmation SMS.
  • Now, recharge with any 3G plan and check if it’s working.

How To Upgrade Airtel 3G Sim To 4G ?

Upgrading an Airtel 3G sim to 4G network is a little bit different from the previous method and also takes more time. Actually, unlike upgrading to Airtel 3G, Airtel doesn’t allow users to use 4G in existing 3G sim. That means you need to get a new airtel 4G sim to begin with it’s 4G network. Below I have described how to upgrade airtel 3G sim to 4G by taking a new 4G sim on the same number.

  • Firstly, go to Airtel 4G Sim Swap page here.
  • Now enter all the required details like name, number etc.
  • Enter your address where new sim will be delivered.
  • Type in your pin code and click on “Send Me A 4G Sim”.
  • Within few days, new Airtel 4G sim will be delivered to you.
  • Now, insert the new 4G sim into your 4G mobile.
  • You will get a 20 digit number on the back of new sim card.
  • Send this 20 digit number to 121 and confirm with 1.
  • That’s it. Your old sim will stop working and new sim will be activated.
  • Now, enjoy our airtel free internet recharge code on your new 4G sim.

Other requirements of airtel free internet tricks for android 2018 are, use this tricks in zero balance to prevent unwanted balance deduction. Set your APN to Airtelgprs.com. Activate Wynk music pack if you can. Download Droid VPN app in your phone. Some of the tricks will require a little bit internet to begin with. There you can recharge with small Airtel 2G/3G internet packs. All the required android app are mentioned in the tricks.

How To Set Access Point For Airtel 3G & 4G (APN)?

To begin with airtel free internet tricks for android 2018, firstly you need to set your access point name (APN). See the whole process below:-

  • Take your phone and unlock it.
  • Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  • Edit your current access point name.
  • Set the APN to airtelgprs.com
  • Save the settings. You’re done.

Airtel Free Internet Apps For Android 2018

Some of the best airtel free internet apps for android 2018 are Droid VPN, Troid VPN and Airtel Wynk app. I have tried to cover all the apps in this article. Just keep reading this article till the end to know all the airtel free internet tricks for android 2018.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018 : Airtel Free Net With DroidVPN

This is a very popular airtel free internet trick. You can also try this by just installing Droid VPN app on your android phone. You can search it on Google Play Store. Then download and install it. Now, follow the steps described below:-

  • Open Droid VPN app and register for a new account.
  • Login to your account and tap on settings icon.
  • Navigate to Connection Protocol > TCP > HTTP Header > Enable.
  • Now, in the custom HTTP headers field, enter any of the following text.

Host: get.wynk.in
X-online-host: get.wynk.in


Host: one.airtel.in
X-Online-Host: one.airtel.in


Host: airtelgurus.com
X-Online-Host: airtelgurus.com


Host: airtellive.com
X-Online-Host: airtellive.com





  • Now, tap OK.
  • Restart Droid VPN app.
  • Select a free VPN (i.e. The Netherlands).
  • Try to connect with the free VPN.
  • If not, try again and again to connect.
  • Once connected, turn on your data connection.
  • Start using free internet airtel 3G/4G speed.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018 Using Wynk Host

This is another popular airtel free internet tricks for android 2018. But it may not work for all users and may be it has a validity time. So, don’t be unhappy if it doesn’t work for you. Because I have listed a lot of other airtel free internet tricks for android 2018 also. Follow the steps given below to begin with airtel free internet.

  • Firstly, download Wynk App from Google Play Store.
  • Recharge with a small Airtel 3G plan to begin with this trick.
  • Open Wynk app and tap on My Account > Try Free.
  • Tap on Wynk Freedom Plan because you don’t have to pay.
  • Now download Droid VPN app from Play Store.
  • Follow our previous trick & set APN to airtelgprs.com
  • Download Tunnel Guru for PC.
  • Navigate to Tunnel Guru > Settings > Advanced Settings
  • Look for Parent proxy > enter IP: Port: 3128.
  • Go to Headers > Enter HOST: mo.wynk.in/X-Online-host:mo.wynk.in.
  • Finally, try to connect with TCP 443 port.
  • After connecting, you can use airtel free internet.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018 Using Troid VPN App

Troid VPN app is also one of the most used app to get airtel free internet. Below, we have described in details how you can get free internet from airtel by using Troid VPN app.

  • Firstly, download and install Troid VPN in your phone.
  • Navigate to Troid VPN > Free Servers > Set Port > Rport : 443 > Lport : 0.
  • Again navigate to Advanced Settings > Enable “Use Proxy for TCP Connection”.
  • Input new settings like below.
  • Proxy Host: or
  • Port: 3128
  • Host:

You are all done. Now try connecting with the server from Troid VPN app. Once connected, you can enjoy airtel free internet.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018 Using NMD VPN

NMD VPN is the another popular name among free internet users globally. It’s virtual private networks let’s you access the internet over a free server. So, you can easily enjoy airtel free internet using NMD VPN. This trick mostly work on personal computers or laptops. So, don’t think that it’s fake if you are unable to try this airtel free internet tricks 2018 on your android phone.

Steps to get Airtel free internet using NMD VPN:-

  • Firstly, install and open NMD VPN app in your device.
  • You can get this app on Google Play Store or in Google.
  • Then, take the configuration files from this link.
  • Now open your file manager app.
  • Navigate to C: Program Files > NMDVPN > Config.
  • Paste the configuration files here.
  • Set your APN to airtelgprs.com
  • Now run NMD VPN as admin by right clicking.
  • Try connecting NMD VPN and get airtel free internet.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018: Non-App Methods

In the above part, I have covered up all the airtel free internet tricks which can be availed by using various VPN and other android apps. But below, I have listed all the airtel free internet tricks which you have to try without any app. These tricks are also very helpful to get free internet from airtel in 2018.

How To Increase Airtel Internet Speed In One Minute?

You can also increase speed of your Airtel 2G, 3G and 4G plans. You just have to try some free hosts in your android phone. Below we have listed some free hosts for you. You can try setting these one by one and then check the speed.

  • one.airtellive.com
  • live.airtelworld.com
  • buddiesmoney.airtel.in

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018: Airtel Proxy Trick 2018

Proxies are the another way to access airtel free internet service. You can set proxy by modifying your access point names (APN) from settings. Learn how to add proxy from above. For all the proxies, set the Port as 80.

  • 4everproxy.com OR
  • youtubefreeproxy.com
  • freevideoproxy.com
  • zendproxy.com
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • OR Jetproxy.com
  • OR proxy.hmastuff.com
  • german-proxy.de
  • prx.im or
  • webproxy.stealthy.co
  • 0000a-fast-proxy.de
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • (resume supported)

Airtel Free Internet Tricks For Android 2018: Free Sites

Do you know? Airtel allow you to browse some of the websites for free? You can browse them whenever you want without having any internet plan activated. These homepages are absolutely free of cost. But, don’t forget to restrict background data at the time of browsing these free sites. Because, android consumes background data when you turn on your data connection.

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To restrict background data, navigate to Settings > Data Usage > Enable background data restriction for all installed apps. Below, I have listed out all those sites which can be accessed for free without activating any data pack.

  • airtelgurus.com
  • airtelgurus.in
  • one.airtel.in
  • m.airtellive.com
  • buddies.airtelmoney.in

Airtel Free Internet Trick UC Handler Method For 2018

To begin with this trick, you firstly need to download any modded UC mini browser. You can get this app on Google over a simple and quick search. For several reasons, we can’t give the download link of those modded apps here. But you can find them on Google.

  • Firstly, take your phone and go to Settings.
  • Create a new access point (APN).
  • Enter airtelgprs.com as APN, uc6.ucweb.com as Proxy and 80 as port.
  • Save the new APN.
  • Then, download and install UC handler app from Google.
  • Open the app and go to settings of the app.
  • Enter proxy type – http and proxy server – buddies.airtelmoney.in
  • Save all the settings and start surfing on airtel free internet.

Note : Try Airtel Free Internet UC Mini Handler Trick at your own risk. Because, some of the above APN may be the cause of sim blockage. So, always try to use safe hosts including airtel.in, one.airtel.in and airtellive.com.

How To Get 3G Speed In 2G Plan In Airtel In Android?

Airtel also let’s you enjoy the 3G speed in your 2G data plan. To get 3G speed in airtel 2G pack, recharge with a very small 3G plan first. Then recharge again with your desired 2G data plan. After that, download and install UC Browser from Google Play Store. Open the app, start using 3G data plan. Stop when only 30MB 3G data will left.

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Now, restart UC Browser and download anything of 50MB. When your 3G plan will be finished after crossing 30MB, it will automatically start consuming data from your existing 2G plan. But, the wonder is, you will still get the 3G speed after crossing all the 3G data. Then you will get 3G speed in 2G plan in airtel in android.

Hope these Airtel free internet tricks for Android 2018 will work for you. Some of these tricks might not work for you. Just try another trick. Some tricks are valid only on selected circles. So, keep trying. And I will add more tricks when I get in this article. So save this page in your bookmark to enjoy more Airtel free internet tricks in future.

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