How To Send View Once Media On Whatsapp? [On Android & iOS]

Most of you are probably using Whatsapp for many years! But do you know, Whatsapp has recently launched a feature which allows you to send View Once media to your friends and families on Whatsapp? If the answer is no, we are going to know how to send View Once photos and videos on Whatsapp for both Android and iOS users. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to send view once message photo video on whatsapp android ios

What is Whatsapp View Once Media Feature?

If you are not well aware of the feature, let me tell you, this feature allows you to send views once media to your friends on Whatsapp. Generally, when we send an image or a video to our friends, it remains on the chat forever, and the recipient can watch it again whenever they want (if the chat history is not deleted manually).

But if you turn on this View Once feature on Whatsapp before sending any picture or video, the media will be available to view once only. That means, when the recipient will see it once, it will disappear and they won’t be able to see it again and it will be removed from the chat also. So, this is a very fun feature which you can try with your friends and those who don’t know about it will be surprised when they will see it. So, let’s see how you can send view once photos and videos on Whatsapp to your friends.

The message will disappear automatically after 14 days in case the recipient doesn’t see it.

How To Send View Once Messages On Whatsapp?

This will work on the latest version of the Whatapp app for both Android and iOS users. Before trying this, make sure you are using the latest version of Whatsapp. Go to the Play Store or App store and see if there is an update available for Whatsapp.

Warning: Before I show you the process of sending view once messages on Whatsapp, let me tell you that, please don’t use this feature to send any sensitive information to any person whom you don’t trust. Because, the message/media will disappear after it is seen once, but the recipient can take a screenshot of it or record the screen during viewing the media. In that case, you won’t be notified by Whatapp. So, you can not use this feature if you don’t want your message to be recorded or taken screenshots of by the recipient.

Steps to send View Once Messages on Whatsapp:

  • First of all, open Whatsapp and select the recipient.
  • Then select the image or video you want to send to the recipient.
  • After selecting the media, you will see the “View Once” icon near the caption bar.
  • Confirm that you are going to use this feature to activate the feature.
  • Then tap the send button to send the media to the recipient.
  • The recipient will be able to view it once, and the message will disappear immediately afterward.

I should also tell you another thing about the feature, that is, even though the media file is encrypted, it can be stored on Whatsapp’s servers for a few weeks after you send it. Apart from that, Whatsapp itself can also see the message if someone reports the media.

I hope you have learned how to send view once media on Whatsapp from your Android or iOS device. If you have any other questions regarding this feature, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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