Top 3 Best Instant Water Heater In India 2019 With Highest Power Efficiency

Winter is coming very soon and in winter, the biggest problem is with bathing. Nobody want’s to bath with the chilled water of winter. Here comes Water Heaters into play. Though there are different kinds of water heater available in the market. But in this article, specifically we will talk about the top 3 best instant water heaters in India which gives the highest power efficiency.

Top Best Instant Water Heater In India Geyser Buy Online Review

All the 3 best water heaters listed in this article are instant water heaters and used in bathroom to produce warm water for bathing. You can use it to get a fresh and warm bath on cold winter days. There are currently different kind of water heaters available in the market such as LPG Gas heaters, Immersion heaters, Instant heaters and Storage heaters. But in this article, only best instant water heaters in India will be described.

Now a days Storage and Instant water heaters are used widely. But what’s the different between them? Hope most of you already know that. But for those who doesn’t know, Storage water heaters come with water tanks and takes time to heat the water and Instant water heaters heats up the water instantly. Instant water heaters are more hassle-free because it takes almost no time to heat up the water, it comes in compact size, temperature control and it also consumes less energy compared to storage heaters. For all these reasons most of the modern users prefer best instant water heaters in India over the other types of water heaters.

Top 3 Best Instant Water Heater In India 2019

1. Crompton Solarium 3L Instant Water Heater

This is one of the best instant water heaters in India. It’s Best Seller product on Amazon throughout the instant water heaters category. Crompton is also a very reputed brand in the house appliance category. The water heater comes with a 3 litre tank.

Crompton Best Instant Water Heater In India

Crompton Solarium Instant Water Heater
Crompton Solarium Instant Water Heater
Rs 2,359 Rs 3,950

Some of the best features in the Crompton instant water heater are, it comes in ABS plastic and stainless steel, the water heating element is made of copper, the tank comes with rust free coating made of glass, thermal cutout automatically turns off the heating once the set water temperature is achieved, thermal indicators and multi-functional safety valve controls the water pressure.

2. Bajaj Flora 3L Instant Water Heater

Bajaj is one of the leading brand when it comes to home appliances. This geyser also comes with a 3 liter water tank. Power consumption is 3000 watts. Installation is also available with this instant water heater if you buy it from Amazon. The body shell is well-designed and the water get heated up instantly when you need. Outer body of the geyser is made of thermoplastic which prevents your hands or body parts from burning if you touch the geyser.

Bajaj Flora Best Instant Water Heater In India

Bajaj Flora 3L Instant Water Heater
Bajaj Flora 3L Instant Water Heater
Rs 2,961 Rs 5,030

Bajaj Flora instant water heater also comes with 2 years of product warranty and fire retardant cable. A good looking and understandable neon indicator is also provided to indicate the “On” and “Heating” process. If you live in a high building, it will be the best geyser for you.

3. Racold Pronto Neo 3L Instant Water Heater

This is a widely used instant water heater. Thousands of users have bought it from Amazon only and most of them are happy with this product as this serve their purpose smoothly to get warm water in cold weather. It also heats the water instantly. You can turn it on when you get into your bathroom and get warm water instantly to bath.

Racold Pronto Neo Best Instant Water Heater In India

Racold Pronto Neo Instant Water Heater
Racold Pronto Neo Instant Water Heater
Rs 3,180 Rs 4,500

The outer body is rust proof. It’s also a very energy efficient instant water heater in the category and comes with 5 Star energy efficiency label. Cutout, thermostat and safety valve are also equipped to prevent high temperature and control water pressure. It will help you to reduce electricity bill to a great extent when compared to other water heaters or geysers available in the market.

So these were the top 3 best instant water heater in India 2019 which gives the maximum power efficiency and heats your bathing water instantly, looks smart on your bathroom as well. All these best instant water heaters are available on Amazon India site. You can easily order them and get delivered to your home within 5 days.

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