Top 3 Best UPS Under Rs 2,000 In India For Your Computer [Buy Online]

If you are in search of the best UPS for pc in India, you have landed on the right page. UPS is one of the most important part when you are building or buying a desktop personal computer. But, there are lots of UPSes available in the market and most of them gives trouble after sometime. I have personally suffered with my Zebronics UPS due to battery related issues. But don’t worry! In this article, I’ll show you the top 3 best UPS under Rs 2,000 in India for your desktop computer or PC. And I will also give my personal opinion on the best UPS under 2k as I’m personally using one and have experience for 2+ years with UPS.

Best UPS Under 2K In India For PC Computer

UPS, also known as Uninterruptible Power Supply is used in various components we use daily. But here, we will talk only about the UPSes used in personal desktop computer (PC). This is basically a machine that contains a battery and some electrical circuit. It automatically detects when your home’s electricity is gone due to many reasons, but mainly during load-shedding, and start supplying power from it’s own battery to your computer.

Why You Should Use UPS With PC?

First of all, I wanna say that, you can use your PC even without an UPS. UPS is not necessary to run your computer. Still there is a “but”.

Load-shedding now happens rarely in the big cities. However, small town people still face this issue very frequently. This might also happen due to any problem happened with your local power distribution center or sometimes due to natural calamity such as sudden heavy rain, thunderstorm, falling trees/something on the electricity lines, etc.

But even if you don’t face any of these electricity issues, you should use UPS for your PC. Why? Because, though you don’t suffer from load-shedding, but all of us see the fluctuations in our electricity power all the time. I think most of you have also felt that sometime, suddenly the ceiling fans at your home starts running faster and some lights start glowing more than before. This things happen because of the fluctuation in the power.

As there are different parts and circuits such as processor, RAM, Hard Disk, Monitor, speakers, etc runs with your computer, a small fluctuation can easily break the rhythm between the components that are responsible to run your PC. And you will face problems for that. Sometime, your monitor may get turned off automatically. And if any issue happens with your CPU, your unsaved work may get deleted and even your hard disk may get affected. It can even erase your whole Hard Disk or make it unusable or corrupted.

To prevent all these serious issues, you should use a good quality UPS with your computer. It keeps supplying the same power to your computer and when you face load-shedding, it keeps your computer turned on for sometime by supplying power from it’s internal battery. At that time window, you can save your incomplete work and turn your PC off normally. And when the power comes, you can start your computer again, open the saved work and complete it.

Top 3 Best UPS Under 2K For PC In India

1. Circle Power Backup 600VA UPS

Circle is a very popular brand in computer components and gaming World. People trust them because of their high quality products. Usually, their products are expensive too. But this UPS from Circle is made for budget users. But it does it’s job very well.

Circle Powerbackup Best UPS Under 2K In India For PC

Circle PowerBackup 600VA UPS
Circle PowerBackup 600VA UPS
Rs 1,850

The weight of this UPS is 4.5Kg. It contains 2 lithium ion cells. It’s microprocessor controls the power supply and keeps your PC away from power surge and voltage fluctuations. The Circle UPS comes with 3 output sockets. You can connect your CPU, Monitor and Speaker plug into these sockets. And all the sockets are of Indian standard.

2. Intex Omega 725 UPS

This is one of the best UPS under 2k for PC in India. It comes with a compact size and also looks standard. It has some of the best features even after being under Rs 2,000 such as boost and buck AVR to stabilize the voltage, auto restarts when the AC is recovering, no load auto shut down, simulated sine wave, off-mode charging and cold start function, etc.

Intex Omega Best UPS Under 2K In India For PC

Intex Omega 725 UPS
Intex Omega 725 UPS
Rs 1,910

Intex Omega 725 UPS also comes with 2 years of warranty. It weights around 4.4KG and comes in Silver Black. According to some users, it’s even better than the APC in their experience. Not only in PC, this amazing UPS can be used in other devices as well such as TV, DTH during DG switch over, WiFi router.

3. iBall Nirantar UPS With Power Protection

This is another best UPS under 2k in India. This UPS comes from iBall, one of the leading technology products brand in India. It claims to give up to 40 minutes of backup for a standard PC with 18.5″ LED monitor. You can use it for different purposes as well such as it gives 3 hours of backup to 4 cameras & 1×4 CH DVR without monitor. However, the backup time depends of how many components and PC parts are running. It also comes with automatic voltage regulator for boost and buck.

iBall Nirantar Best UPS Under 2K In India For PC

iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS
iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS
Rs 1,842

More than 440 users has used this UPS for their needs and still it has a good rating on Amazon India. It can input wide range of voltage. One of the other feature it has is the auto restart while AC recovery. It can also be used for Wifi routers and it works very well. It also comes with 3 output sockets where you can connect plugs of your personal computer.

These were the top 3 best UPS under 2k in India for PC. You can easily purchase any of these UPSes from Amazon India site. You will get these delivered to your address within 5 days based on your address. If you have any question or you want me to add any other best UPS for PC in India which comes under Rs 2000, then please let me know in the comments below. I will add your suggestion to this list once verified!

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