Vodafone Student Plan Rs 352: Activate & Get 1GB/Day For 84 Days

The second largest telecom operator Vodafone has recently launched their new Vodafone Student plan. This is also a JioEffect, because we can see some similar benefits in Vodafone Student plan 352 which we get in Jio prime plan. Previously Vodafone launched FRC 244, where they are providing 1GB data per day for 70 days for new users.

Vodafone Student Plan 352 Rs

Most of these plan looks very similar to Jio Rs 399 prime plan. That means these are specially designed to compete with Reliance Jio. But till now, no other operator is offering such benefits like Jio. So, majority of Indian 4G users are still using Jio. But with Vodafone Student plan, Vodafone is offering at least same data benefit at lowest cost than Jio.

Vodafone Campus Survival Kit

Vodafone Student plan is also known as Vodafone campus survival kit. As of now, this plan is available only for students on Delhi-NCR. Under this Vodafone campus survival kit, students will get 1GB of high speed 3G or 4G data per day for 84 days. It’s valid only for new users who has taken or going to take new Vodafone connection for them.

For first time, users have to recharge with Rs 445 and they will get discount coupons & a messenger bag along with the data benefit. This first recharge will be valid for 84 days. Post 84 days, they can recharge with Rs 352 to get the same 1GB per day data benefit. Vodafone is trying to roll out Vodafone Student plan all over the country soon.

How To Activate Vodafone Student Plan Rs 352?

You might be thinking how to get Vodafone student plan Rs 352 recharged in your number. But it is very simple and easy. You can either go to any nearest Vodafone retail store and ask for Vodafone 352 recharge or just use MyVodafone app. But at first make sure that you are a Delhi-NCR user. Because, as of now, Vodafone 352 plan is available only here.

  • Firstly, install MyVodafone app on your phone.
  • Create an account there by verifying one time password.
  • Navigate to recharge pack section.
  • Select Vodafone student plan recharge.
  • Pay the money and you are done.

Now, a message will be sent to your number confirming the same. It may also require your address to deliver the free messenger bag to you. Enjoy 1GB 3G/4G data per day for 84 days and then you have to recharge with just Rs 352 to get the same benefits again.

Hope you have got all the Vodafone Student Plan details. If you have any question regarding this Vodafone Campas Survival kit, leave it in the comment section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our push notifications by clicking the green bell icon to get instant updates for free.

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