BSNL 5G Is On It’s Way! Get Ready To Experience BSNL 5G In 2018

From a very long time, we are using 4G network. Thanks goes to Reliance Jio who increased the number of 4G phones in India in a very short period. But as technology is improving day by day, 5G is on it’s way. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited already tied up with some other companies to bring the 5G network in India. In this article, we will discuss about BSNL 5G launch date in India, BSNL 5G Speed, Price, Offers & how to upgrade to BSNL 5G network.

BSNL 5G Launch Date In India Plan Speed Offers Price Sim Card

BSNL 5G Launch Date In India

Previously the state run telecom operator BSNL said that they are working with Nokia to bring the 5G technology in India which can come in front of people till the end of this year. Now it’s October, we are at the end of 2017. BSNL 5G can be launched anytime now. If not, till the first quarter of 2018, we will surely get BSNL 5G in India.

Once BSNL 5G is ready to use, they will start trials in several or in a particular city in India, may be Delhi or Mumbai. If the test users become happy with it and everything else is ok, then it will start making some BSNL 5G plan (s). Finally the 5G network will be ready to use for all users.

BSNL 5G Plan (Upcoming)

As of now, BSNL is experimenting and improving their 5G technology. So, as of now, there is no such BSNL 5G plan available. Once it come into reality, 5G plans will also launch.

BSNL 5G will appear in it’s time. But, most of the users have a 4G or 3G handset now. To experience high speed 5G technology, users will require 5G supported mobiles. So, if you are still using a 3G or 2G phone, don’t buy a 4G phone now. Just wait for some more days and buy a 5G mobile and then experience the high speed internet in 5G network.

BSNL 5G Speed Test Results

BSNL 5G Speed Test Results Ookla

As you can see in the image above, BSNL 5G speed can go all the way up to 100Mbps in real life use. And the 5G upload speed in mobile will be around 40Mbps. But this is not the highest speed. For commercial use, it can provide up to 1GBPS transfer speed within 2 KM range.

BSNL 5G service will offer almost one thousand times faster speed than existing 4G. In 5G technology, the latency will be very low up to 10 millisecond which is another benefit of 5G services. The more your signal strength is, the lower latency you get.

BSNL 5G Offers & Price

When it comes to price, it will be a bit expensive. Because of Reliance Jio’s cheaper plans, every other telecom operators are now offering high speed 4G data in a very low price. In case you don’t know, Mukesh Ambani planned to launch Jio with cheap 4G data long time ago. But now, there is no such telco who is thinking to provide cheap 5G data.

On top of it, BSNL is investing a lot of money to spread the 5G network cable. They also have to get those money back from it’s users. So, probably the BSNL 5G price will be higher than 4G.

Now come to BSNL 5G offers. As I told you above that 5G data will be costlier than 4G, people will take time to move into 5G. So, BSNL may launch some BSNL 5G offers which will help them to get new subscribers to their 5G network base. Because, for them, without providing any BSNL 5G offers, it will be very hard to get 5G users as RJio is already providing cheap but high speed 4G data which is smoothly fulfilling the requirements of most users.

Upgrading To BSNL 5G Sim Card

Like 3G and 4G, to experience BSNL 5G network, users will have to upgrade their existing cards to BSNL 5G sim card. Only then, they can use 5G. But as most of the telecom companies previously offered some free data usage for users who upgraded their sim to 4G, BSNL will also do the same.

That means, users will get at least minimum free 5G data to experience BSNL 5G network when they will upgrade to BSNL 5G sim card. Days are passing very quickly and in very near future, it will get in action. So, just wait for a couple of months and 5G technology will get far more closer to you.

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