Microsoft Lumia 960 Images Leaked: This Flagship Looks Really Great

In the race of Android and iOS phones, now Windows operated phones are hardly seen. Few years back, Microsoft signed an agreement with Nokia to take the Lumia brand. The intention was to make both software and hardware at same company, Microsoft. We can see this thing in case of Apple. Both iPhones and iOS is made by Apple itself to provide better experience to the customer. But Microsoft is trying to make new Windows phone with great features. Recently one of the Microsoft’s unreleased flagship Microsoft Lumia 960’s leaked images spotted on the internet.

Microsoft Lumia 960 Images Leaked

The picture below was taken when it was being manufactured. So, we can’t see it’s screen. This is only a prototype. Microsoft Lumia 960 is likely to feature a 20MP PureView camera with a large rounded shape and triple LED flash. Reportedly the display is a QHD 1440p panel. We will also see the use of Snapdragon 820 SoC in the Microsoft Lumia 960.

Microsoft Lumia 960 Images

The phone might come with aluminum body and stereo speakers which is mounted in front of the device. The phone looks similar to a HTC phone. It will feature a USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone storage can be expanded via microSD card. Have a look at it’s screen in the Microsoft Lumia 960 image below.

Microsoft Lumia 960 Images Display

As of now, we have no idea, when this HTC like Microsoft Lumia 960 will be released in the market and what will be the price of it. Leave you expressions about Microsoft Lumia 960 images in the comment below.

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