What!! Jio Limited Free Voice Calling From Unlimited To 300 Minutes Per Day Only?

Yes! you heard it right. A recent report from TelecomTalk shows us, Reliance Jio has limited it’s free calls from unlimited to 300 minutes per day only. The reason behind this action is, as voice calling over Reliance Jio network is completely free of cost, many of the users are misusing this benefits. So, RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani just taken the decision to restrict Jio free calls to 300 minutes or 5 hours per day only.

Jio Limits Free Voice Calling To 300 Minutes Per Day

Jio Limits Free Voice Calls To 300 Minutes Per Day

Now, both online and offline businesses has increased and due to marketing, they need to contact with customers via phone calls. So, most of them started calling from Jio sim, as the calling is totally free of cost in this network. Even I also personally saw that the delivery boys of different courrier companies are using Jio sim cards to call the customers. But Jio is not for the commercial use.

Any how, the Reliance Jio team spotted this things and they just put the 300 minutes per day limit to the users who are misusing the free voice calling benefits from Jio.

But it is still unclear that, which actions are responsible for the detection of users who are misusing it. So, till now, we don’t know how to know if anyone is a misuser according to Jio. But excepting those users, for all the normal Jio users, free voice calling will be still unlimited.

It’s clear that this time TRAI didn’t told anything to Reliance Jio. This action is completely taken by the Jio team.

One thing I should mention here that both Airtel and Vodafone has also taken this action earlier silently. So, in case of Airtel and Vodafone users also, free voice calling is limited to 300 minutes or five hours per day only.

Now, what you want to say to Jio or us after reading this news. Do you think, it’s a right decision? Or you have any problem with this new action? Share your thoughts on this in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends who are enjoying the free voice calling from Jio. Let them know that Jio has restricted free calling to 300 minutes per day for the misusers.

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