What Is Sarahah? How To Register And Link It With SnapChat & Facebook To Receive Anonymous Feedback From Your Social Media Friends?

I think all of you already know about Sarahah.com app or you may have seen some green colored image statuses of your friends in your facebook news feed where you can see Sarahah.com written at the bottom-left corner. Actually this is an app/website which let’s your friends send messages to you anonymously. So you can’t figure out which friend has send it to you. In this article, we are going to talk about Sarahah.com app or website and how to link Sarahah to SnapChat and Facebook.

How To Link Sarahah To Snapchat Facebook

What Is Sarahah.com App?

Sarahah is a very interesting app. You can send any message to any users who are using Sarahah and he/she will not be able to know who have sent it to him/her. This way you can be honest to send messages to anyone without any fear. Let’s imagine, you love somebody and you sent the proposal to him/her anonymously. Though he/she will not be able to know you but, you can at least tell him/her that there is somebody who loves him/her.

And if your Boss is using Sarahah, you can send him/her any suggestion or feedback but he/she will not be able to figure out exactly who have sent the message. It sounds really very interesting and it is very tough to restrict yourself from using Sarahah.com app once you hear about it. This is the reason why Sarahah is going viral and our Facebook feed has been flooded with Sarahah.com statuses.

How To Link Sarahah To SnapChat Easily?

First of all, make sure that you have a Sarahah account and get your Sarahah profile link. The install and open Snapchat app on your mobile. Now, create a Snapchat account or login if you have existing Snapchat account. Then follow the steps given below.

  • Open Snapchat app and click on Snap.
  • Tap on PaperClip icon and enter your Sarahah profile link by typing.
  • Do not copy-paste the link. Type the url manually.
  • Now, tap on Go button and wait for some time to load your Sarahah profile.
  • Then, click on the “Attach to Snap” blue colored button.
  • That’s it. Your Sarahah profile link is added to your Snap.

How To Link Sarahah To Facebook?

This is very simple. Just sign in to your Facebook account and then edit your profile. Go to your about info section and click on edit contact info. Now tap on add website and type your Sarahah profile URL there and save it. That’s it. Now anyone who will visit your visit your profile on Facebook will be able to see your Sarahah profile link there and you can receive anonymous messages from friends.

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