Hike 5.0 Launched With UPI-Based Payments System And Hike Wallet

One of the well-known messenger Hike is going to launch UPI based payments system in the new version of their Hike app. They have also revamped the full user interface of the app. From now, users will be able to add money in their Hike Wallet and spend it online. It’s a similar to other digital wallets like Paytm. In this article, we are going to talk about the Hike 5.0 version app which is likely to be launched on 25th June and how to use Hike UPI app.

Hike 5.0 Launched With UPI-Based Payments System And Hike Wallet

Though some of the users has already started receiving updates but the new 5.0 version of the app will be out on 25th June. Then Hike wallet will be also attached with the app and users will be able to add money to their wallet. For the iOS users, the new app will be out till the end of this month. In an interview, company said that, they will change the font and the color scheme of the app. They have fully revamped the design.

Hike 5.0 With UPI-Based Payment System & Hike Wallet

Company also said that the “Moods” can be set as profile pictures in the new version of Hike app. On the timeline, users will be able to post pictures, texts and videos. The Hike 5.0 also comes with the Magic Selfie, Text to stickers, app themes, chat themes, auto night mode and many more new features. From now, a single user can like a post multiple times. Yes! they made it possible in Hike 5.0.

Getting Started With Hike Wallet & Hike’s Payment System

Users can send payments from their Hike wallet to another person’s Hike wallet. They have also provided the option to send money to bank account in case the receiver doesn’t have a Hike account but has a bank account to receive money. The transaction will be done instantly. Hike has choosen YES Bank as their banking partner.

Currently, Hike has a large subscriber base of around 100 million subscribers. So, the company get’s instant users to their wallet service because of their messenger platform. All the users who have a Hike account will be also a user of Hike wallet and payments system. This way the company doesn’t need much efforts to get customers to their digital wallet service.

Users can add money to their Hike wallets and then they can use it to recharge mobile or DTH, pay bills and send money to others. The payment system is completely secured with 128-bit SSL encryption. The one more major change we can see in the Hike 5.0, that they have optimized the app and reduced it size from more than 40MB to 25MP only. We are also going to see a lot more customization possibilities in the new Hike 5.0 version.

How To Download Hike 5.0 Version For Android?

Those users, who are already using the old version will get an update notification from the Google Play store, once the new Hike 5.0 version get launched. But for those, who haven’t tried Hike yet or the app is currently not installed in their device, can download and install the new version on or after 25th June 2017.

iOS users will also get the update from their official iOS store once the Hike 5.0 version get launched. New users can download the new version from the iOS store directly. However, the company itself said that the iOS users will get the Hike 5.0 update till the end of this month. They just have to wait a little bit more to experience the revamped version of Hike messenger.

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