Top 5 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In India [2018 Edition]

India is a place where everyone is looking for cheapest products in the market. That’s the reason why cheap offline markets like China Bazaars and Chor Bazars are very popular all over the country.

But now, online shopping has taken a great place to provide cheapest products to the consumers. And now, people are searching for cheapest online shopping sites in India.

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In India

A big internet revolution already happened to India and Reliance Jio is also a reason for great number of people surfing the internet in India. But on the other side, the number of eCommerce sites has grown tremendously over past few years.

Now, finding the cheapest online shopping sites in India is a bit hard. But don’t worry! We are always here to provide you the best online shopping guides so that you can save maximum. Below, we have researched and listed the top 5 cheapest online shopping sites in India.

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Top 5 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites In India

In this part, we have listed top 5 cheapest online stores without categorizing them. But in our next articles, we will break down even more low price online shopping sites in India by categorizing them like for free deliveries, for clothes, for electronics, etc. So, stay tuned with us or subscribe to our blog to get them in your inbox for free.

#1 ShopClues.Com

Without any doubt, it’s the cheapest online shopping site in India. ShopClues is already targeted and optimized for average and low budget buyers online who want to buy any product at cheapest price.

In the homepage of ShopClues, they already put a section called “Budget Bazaar” where you can find different categories based on your budget. Some of the most popular budget categories on ShopClues are:

  • Rs 99 Store: Every product listed in this category are priced below Rs 99.
  • Min 80% OFF: Every product you can find in this category are available at minimum 80% discount.
  • Rs 299 Store: All products priced Rs 299 only.
  • Min 60% OFF: 60% discount is common on all products listed in this budget category.
  • Rs 499 Store: If you have budget of Rs 499 only, visit here. You can buy anything listed in this category.

#2 HomeShop18

HomeShop18 is the second store where you can get the cheapest products online. HomeShop18 is a very old player in this field. It started it’s journey on television. But now they also have their online shopping site where they focus only on cheap and low price products.

So, if you don’t have plenty of money on your pocket, you can visit HomeShop18 store and get shopping done without hurting your pocket. Below you can see some of the budget based category for different types of products available at HomeShop18 online store.

  • Men’s Special Store: Here you can get only men’s products such as shirts, polos, Denims, etc starting from Rs 399 only.
  • Home Furnishing Store: Under this budget category, you will find various home furnishing products such as bedsheets, pillows, matress protectors and many more starting from Rs 299 only.
  • Appliances From Rs 899: This category is made for appliances like gas stoves, burners and other appliances which are starting at Rs 899 only. But this section is crowded with gas stoves only. I didn’t find any other appliances here when I visited.

#3 Rediff Shop & Gift Store

Rediff store is another store where you can find cheapest products online for you or gifting to anyone else. Though it’s a less popular e-commerce site but, here you can get over 22,00,000+ products at reasonable price.

Here you can find all types of products. But if you are looking to gift someone at budget friendly price, then you should checkout Rediff Shop & Gift store. Browse products and you will get a good deal for sure.

They also list their deal of the day on their homepage where you can find only one product each day but with maximum discount which is not available on any other stores on that day.

#4 Paytm Mall

Though Paytm is known for it’s mobile wallet and online recharge business. But it also have an ecommerce store called Paytm Mall. And it is really one of the cheapest online shopping store in India.

Paytm always applied a strategy on their business where they provide more benefits to the customers at earlier stage and then slowly start recovering the money they invested in initial run to bring the service to mass.

Same applies for Paytm Mall. Now in it’s initial run, it’s offering really great products at decent price. Along with that, it’s also offering heavy cashbacks with most of their products.

So, if you are in search of the cheapest online shopping site in India, then you must have a try on Paytm Mall. Also don’t forget to checkout our main site before you shop from Paytm Mall to get the latest and best deals that can save your hard earned money while shopping online on Paytm Mall.

#5 Amazon.In

Last but not the least, here comes the most popular online shopping store in India which is Amazon. I am a big fan of Amazon. Because most of the products here are available at cheapest price across the internet.

Amazon Rs 99 Store: Visit Here.

But still, you need to do some research while you are shopping on Amazon India site. Because, I’ve seen same products listed on Amazon at different prices. So, before you place the order, look carefully if there are other prices available for that product on Amazon.

Final Words

So, these were the top 5 cheapest online shopping sites in India in the year 2018. In coming days, we might see more cheap stores in India. But as of now, you should browse these five online stores before you buy anything online. And once again, don’t forget to have a look at our homepage PriceKaato.Com before you buy anything online. Because we always keep updating our main site with all the latest and 100% handpicked deals available under the Sun.

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