3 Best Tripods Under 1000 Rupees For Youtubers [Available Online]

Now a days, Youtube is becoming mainstream and more people are enjoying it. After the launch of Jio‘s cheap 4G internet, more people started seeing Youtube regularly. Thousands of new channels are being created everyday. Youtube is becoming a great career for youngsters. But to start making videos, we need some must have equipment. And tripod is the most useful thing among them. They come in different prices. But in this article, we are going to talk about three best tripods under 1000 rupees which are great specially for those who want to start their Youtube journey.

3 Best Tripods Under 1000 For Youtubers

3 Best Tripods Under 1000 Rupees In India

Tripods are the most essential things when it comes to videography. It helps us to create stabilized video contents which is helpful to our audience. You can also keep your smartphone or camera with any support to record videos. But most of the time, you don’t get good results. And then you think it’s very difficult to create new videos regularly.

But believe me, its very easy to make great quality videos with right equipment. And having a great tripod is essential to that. These 3 best tripods under 1000 rupees can provide you magical results during the initial days of starting your Youtube journey. You can hold your smartphone or any camera with these best tripods under 1000 rupees easily and start creating super stabilized videos. It also provide us very good results when recording time lapse videos or capturing pictures with slower shutter speed.

1. Photron Stedy 450 Tripod

This is my first recommendation in this 3 best tripods under 1000 rupees lineup. Photron is a great brand when it comes to tripod industry. And Photron Stedy 450 is the first choice for most of the begginer Youtubers and photographers. This is a very lightweight (930g) tripod made of metal. Though it is very lightweight but it can hold up to 2.75kg. And I think there are very less cameras used by beginners that weights 2.75kg.

Photron Stedy 450 Best Tripods Under 1000 Rupees

The main key features of the Photron Stedy 450 tripod is, it comes with non slip foam for firm grip. There is also a meter containing some liquid and a bubble which lets you adjust the horizontal position of your camera. It also comes with 3 way pan head and you can flip up the mount automatically with quick release lever. There are total three legs and each legs are extendable up to 3 levels to increase the height of camera. It also comes with a carry case which is very helpful during outdoor shoots.

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2. AmazonBasics 50 Inch Tripod

This is a new tripod launched by AmazonBasics which one of the 3 best tripods under 1000 rupees in India. Most of the things of this tripod are similar to Photron Stedy 450. It also comes with 3 way head and 3 level extendable legs. This tripod is made of lightweight aluminum. So, you can easily carry it from one place to another. Amazon also provides a free premium quality carry bag for this tripod. You can reach up to 16.5 inches without extending the legs. And once you extend all the three legs, you will get a decent height of 50 inches.

AmazonBasics Best Tripods Under 1000 Rupees

The head is very smooth so that you can create smooth panning and tilting effect in your video. The tripod is even lighter than Photron Stedy 450. It weights around 540g. Locking levers has been provided with all the three legs. So that you can easily extend the legs and then lock it to make it completely stable. It’s build quality is also very good and it can easily hold any smartphone (with mount), point & shoot and DSLR cameras.

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3. Photron Stedy 400 Tripod

It’s the third tripod in our best tripods under 1000 rupees list. It is actually the previous version of Photron Stedy 450 which is listed in the first position of our list. It’s also used by thousand of beginners as well as experienced Youtubers and photographers. It also provides similar facilities like Stedy 450. Your camera can reach up to 4.5 feet with this tripod. It also comes with a free carry case. If you have a DSLR or point & shoot camera, you can mount it directly on it’s 3 way pan head.

Photron Stedy 400 Best Tripods Under 1000 Rupees

But if you are going to record videos with your smartphone, you have to buy a smartphone mount separately with all the tripods listed in our 3 best tripods under 1000 rupees list. It’s weight is 821g and it comes with limited lifetime warranty. It can also hold up to 2.75kg. The package contains a tripod, one extra quick release plate and a carry case. It also comes with a bubble meter which is in round shape which will help you to keep your camera parallel with the ground.

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Hope with these 3 best tripods under 1000 rupees will help you to start your Youtube journey. And then once you start generating smart income from Youtube, you can look for more professional tripods for better videos. Now, please share this article with your Youtuber friends and let them know about these 3 best tripods which can enhance their videos too.

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