How To Verify Phone Number With Aadhaar Card From UIDAI Site?

Now a days, Aadhaar card is the most important document for most of the official works. Recently, Indian government has made it mandatory to link your Permanent Account Number (PAN) with your Aadhaar card. And now, it’s very important to make sure that your contact details which you’ve added with your Aadhaar card, are correct. So, there is a option opened recently in the UIDAI website where you can verify phone number with Aadhaar card easily.

Verify Phone Number With Aadhaar Card

The UIDAI portal also let’s you verify your email address added into your Aadhaar card. So, you can be ready to use your Aadhaar card anywhere without any further correction. So, let’s get into the actual steps to verify phone number with Aadhaar card using Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website.

How To Verify Phone Number With Aadhaar Card?

First of all, you need to visit the official UIDAI website homepage which is uidai.gov.in. This website may take some to lead due to heavy traffic all the time. Just wait for few seconds and it will open. Now, click on “Verify Email/Mobile Number” from the third column. It will take you to another webpage. Then enter your Aadhaar card number and your mobile number, enter the capcha code and click on “Get One Time Password”. Now, you’ll receive an SMS on your linked mobile number containing the one time password. Once you get the SMS, type the OTP number into website’s “Enter OTP” field and click on “Verify OTP” button. If your entries are valid, it will show you a congratulations message.

How To Verify Email ID With Aadhaar Card?

You can also do this from same website. Just follow the same steps like above and enter your email id instead of your mobile number and you’ll receive the one time password into your email inbox. Just enter that OTP on the UIDAI portal and click on the verify button. That’s it. If the OTP is correct, your email id will be verified with your Aadhaar card.

Make sure that you are entering the same phone number and email address which you have provided at the time of applying for the Aadhaar card. You will receive the OTP only if you have entered the linked contact number or email. In case you want to change your linked mobile number or email id, visit your nearest Permanent Aadhaar Centre (PAC).

Hope you have learned how to verify phone number with Aadhaar card. If there are any questions still remaining in your mind, ask it to the comment section below. Make sure to subscribe to our push notifications by clicking on the green bell icon to receive instant updates from us.

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