Oops! Upcoming Whatsapp New Features 2017 Are So Awesome!

Whatsapp came into existence back in 2009. But very soon it started getting huge user base as more people started loving this great messenger. On 2017 Facebook bought the company and now it’s a part of Facebook. Tons of people are already using it. But very soon we may see Whatsapp new features 2017. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Whatsapp new features 2017 which will be added in the app very soon.

Upcoming Whatsapp New Features 2017

Whatsapp New Features 2017

Currently, there are lots of features which allows us to send text messages, images and videos to any of our Whatsapp friend. You just have to add the number of your friend in your contact list. And Whatsapp automatically picks up the contact to add it in your friends list. Later you can chat with them, send them image or video. Even you can voice/video call your friend without paying any charge.

Whatsapp uses your data connection to send or receive data from your friends smartphone. But very soon, in the latest version of the app, we will get Whatsapp new features 2017 where you can do a lot of extra activity which are not available currently. So, let’s have a look at them.

Whatsapp Wallet (UPI Payments)

Just from the announcement of demonetization in India, people started using various digital wallets like Paytm. Within a very short span of time, digital wallet business growned a lot. Now, every big companies are trying to enter in this wallet business. There are a bunch of new digital wallets already like Google Tez, Hike Wallet, Jio Money, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, etc.

As Whatsapp has a huge customer base already, it’s also preparing to launch it’s digital wallet business with the name Whatsapp wallet. Once that happens, you can send money to your friends and family easily from the Whatsapp. The app already got huge trust from it’s users. So, there is great chance to get success for Whatsapp in their new wallet business.

Youtube Video Integration

Now, when we share a Youtube video with our friends via Whatsapp, it just send the link of the video. And the receiver need to open the link with their browsers or Youtube app in order to see the video content. But in the new version of Whatsapp, we will see it integrated with Youtube. That means, from then, you don’t need to open the link using any separate app. You will be able to see the video in Whatsapp itself. An option will be also provided if you want to see the video on Youtube app.

Verified Whatsapp Business Accounts

Till now, Whatsapp was making money by just sending the user data to Facebook Ads. But, with the growing advertisement industry, Whatsapp have given a place for businesses to promote their products. They started providing verified business accounts.

Like Facebook and Twitter, now on Whatsapp also, Verified business accounts will contain a tick mark for the assurance. And using these business accounts, business owners can send advertisements or messages related to their products to other Whatsapp users like you and me.

Share Any Type Of Files

Now, people mostly use Gmail to send any important file to anyone. But very soon, Whatsapp will also allow users to send any type of file directly. Then you can send any type of file like PDF, TXT, XLS, etc to your friends. Unlike Gmail, by sending the important files directly, you can make sure that the receiver has got the file.

Switch Voice To Video Call

Now, we can make either voice call or video call to anyone. If you are talking in Whatsapp voice call and you think that video call will be more helpful, you firstly need to end the voice call and then start the video call again. But after this new feature, you will not have to end your voice call. You will be able to directly switch the call from voice to video. So that you don’t have to waste your time.

Live Location Sharing Feature

This is one of the greatest Whatsapp new features 2017. Let’s assume, a friend is coming to your home for first time and he/she don’t know the actual address of your home. With the help of Whatsapp location sharing feature, you will be able to see where are your friend (live) in the map. Then you can send him/her the direction by seeing his/her position on the map in live. So, that your friend will be connected to you till he/she reach your home and they don’t have to ask other persons about your home.

Photo Editing Feature With New Stickers

The new Whatsapp will let you edit your images with new stickers before sending it to anyone. So, then you don’t have to use any separate app to edit your images and then send it via Whatsapp. The app itself will do the work and you will be able to send the image instantly.

Hope you liked this article about Whatsapp new features 2017. Now, please share it with your friends. If you have any query about these new Whatsapp features, leave a comment below.

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