Paytm Is Going To Launch Their Own Messenger To Take On Whatsapp & Other Messaging Apps

Paytm is the leading name in India’s mobile wallet industry. At it’s initial days, Paytm was an online recharge platform only. But the company extended it’s services with time. Now, Paytm Shop, an online marketplace is also a part of it. Even Paytm has got license from Indian government to start Paytm Payments Bank. And now, this Alibaba-backed company wants to launch it’s own messaging app to take on Whatsapp and other chatting apps with it’s large user base. So, in this article, we are going to talk about Paytm Messenger download process, how to use it and many other details about Paytm Messenger app.

Paytm Messenger Download

Paytm is doing this because, by offering huge cashback offers and coupons, it has made a large customer base. According to a report by Economic Times, Paytm has over 200 million wallet users.┬áSo now, when they will launch Paytm messenger, they don’t have to struggle to get users on their messaging platform. All the users, who are currently using Paytm wallet, will also enjoy Paytm messenger without doing any separate account creation.

Paytm Messenger Download Process

As of now, Paytm hasn’t launched the messenger. But a Gadget360 report shows us that, we will spot messaging feature on Paytm very soon and it will try to take on Whatsapp in India. Now, this is not clear yet that if it will be a separate app or will be added to present Paytm wallet app. But based on the plan of Paytm to beat Whatsapp, we can expect that we will get a separate app named “Paytm Messenger” on Google Play Store and App Store very soon.

But existing Paytm users don’t have to create new account on Paytm messenger. They can easily download Paytm Messenger app from Play store and sign to the app using their Paytm wallet login details. To begin with Paytm Messenger download process, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, open Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for Paytm Messenger download.
  • Once you get the app, click on install button.
  • Allow all the access and it will started downloading.

After completing the Paytm messenger download process, open the app and sign in using your Paytm wallet login details. Or just create a new account. That’s it. But, how you could connect with your friends is unclear. Maybe it will work like Whatsapp. You can find all the friends who are using Paytm messenger based on save contacts in your phone.

The Plan Behind Paytm Messenger

Recently, we have seen Hike messenger to integrate UPI payment system on their app and Whatsapp is also planning to do the same. Paytm is doing the same thing but in opposite way. Paytm already have UPI payment system and they are moving towards messaging space to generate extra income using their pre-existing customer base which is huge. Paytm messenger will also come with a special feature which will let Businesses send messages directly to their users which we can see very soon in Whatsapp also.

Hope you have got all the details about Paytm messenger download process. Now, what you think, will Paytm messenger take on Whatsapp? Are you also going to use this new messenger? Answer these questions in the comment below. Don’t forget to share this hot news with your social media friends.

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