Jio Media Cable Let’s You Connect Your Jio Phone With Any Television

The first session of Jio Phone booking just happened and over 6 million Jio Phone has been booked already. But do you know? You can connect your Jio Phone with any television to enjoy live streaming or videos in your big screen. May be some of you know. But to do that, you need the Jio media cable which is used to connect it with Tv. So, in this article, we will talk about what’s this and how to buy Jio media cable Flipkart, Amazon and other online stores.

Jio Media Cable Buy Online Flipkart Amazon

What Is Jio Media Cable?

This is a kind of adapter or connector which takes the visual output from a Jio Phone and then it converts the way it comes and make it acceptable for televisions. Then it send the output to the television. As Jio earlier said that Jio Phone can be connected with any type of TVs. So the Jio Media Cable comes with two types of output port. One is the RCA port for traditional televisions (without HDMI) and the another one is HDMI port which is supported in modern LCD & LED TVs.

So it gives you the ability to connect your Jio Phone with old traditional CRT televisions as well as today’s LED, LCD, UHD TVs. So, you don’t have to look at the tiny screen of the Jio Phone. You just connect it with your TV and enjoy videos in a large screen.

You Don’t Get Jio Media Cable With Jio Phone!!

Yes! The JioMediaCable doesn’t come for free with the Jio Phone you just booked. You have to pay for the device separately if you think that you would connect it with your TV. Otherwise, you have to see videos in that tiny screen of your Jio Phone.

Jio Media Cable Price

Though RJio mentioned the name “Jio Media Cable” in their official website in the Jio Phone booking page. But they didn’t reveal the JioMediaCable price. So, as of now, there is no official price announced for the Jio Media Cable.

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But as the technology used in this device is very simple and we can already see these types of adapters/converters in the market, the price should be around Rs 150 only. Once the product is launched, you can buy it from online stores at cheaper price.

Jio Media Cable Buy Online From Flipkart & Amazon

As the device hasn’t been launched yet. The product is not available anywhere now. But as soon as it get launched, you can follow the steps given below to buy Jio Media Cable Flipkart, Amazon and other eCommerce stores.

  • Firstly, visit Flipkart here or Amazon here.
  • Type JioMediaCable on the search bar and hit enter.
  • If you get it, go to the product page.
  • Add it to your shopping cart.
  • Checkout and place the order. That’s it.

Hope you liked this article about Jio Media Cable Flipkart, Amazon and other stores. If you have any query on the same, comment below. Please share this article with your friends who have pre-booked the Jio Phone and let them know about JioMediaCable device.

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