Reliance Big TV Offer: Get Free Set-Top Box + HD Channels Subscription For 1 Year

Mukesh Ambani is currently rocking the telecom market with Jio. And now, his brother Anil Ambani owned company Reliance will provide free set-top box and a bunch of free HD channels subscription for 1 year with their Reliance Big Tv Offer.

Reliance Big Tv Offer Free Set Top Box Hd Channels

Reliance Big TV Offer: Free Set-Top Box & More

Reliance recently unveiled a new plan for Big Tv subscribers which is called “free access”. Under this plan, users will get 500 (free to air) channels for 5 years. And users will be also provided few paid HD channels for 1 year. Though free channels are free to watch on Big Tv, but after one year, to enjoy HD channels, you’ll need to pay.

Set-top boxes with a bunch of features will also be provided for free to the subscribers of Reliance Big Tv Offer. Though everything is free, but users will need to pay some hidden costs such as pre-booking fee (Rs 499), additional fee for set-top box (Rs 1,500).

But the twist on Reliance Big Tv offer is. After getting the connection, users can enjoy channels for 1 year at no cost. But after 1 year, they will need to pay minimum Rs 300 each month. Users have to repeat this until 2 years. Once that is complete, Reliance will refund Rs 2,000 which users paid at the time of pre-booking and additional fee for set-top box.

So, this way, at the end, users will get the set-top box for free (effectively), and they are also getting 1 year of free HD channels subscription. But they just need to pay at least Rs 300 per month for 2 years to complete the Reliance Big Tv Offer and be eligible for the refund of Rs 2,000.

In case, the users discontinue to pay at least Rs 300 per month for 2 years, they will not be eligible to get the refund after 2 years. So, at the end, it will take Rs 7,200 to get Rs 2,000 back. But, you are also enjoying the service for 3 years in total. Hope you liked the Reliance Big Tv Offer. Stay tuned for more offers.

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