Happydent Amazon Offer | Get FREE Rs 10 Amazon Gift Card

I think all of you already know about Happydent, a chewing gum that claims to whiten your teeth. But the surprising thing is, under this Happydent Amazon offer, Happydent is providing Rs 10 worth of Amazon gift card on purchase of a Rs 10 Happydent. So, the actual product is costing you Rs 0 effectively.

Happydent Amazon Offer

So let’s have a look at how to avail this Happydent Amazon offer for you and redeem the Rs 10 gift voucher from Amazon.

Availing The Amazon Happydent Offer – Rs 10

  • First of all, visit a shop near you and look for new Happydent which comes with this offer. (This offer will be printed on the package).
  • Once you find that, buy it and go back to your home safely.
  • Now open the packet and take your phone.
  • You will find a 6 digit code inside the wrapper.
  • By default, it will be hidden and you need to scratch to make it visible.
  • Now send a message containing this code to 9902391200. Look the format below:
  • HAPPYDENT<space>The Code You Got
  • Once you send the message successfully, it will take some time to provide you the Rs 10 Amazon gift card.
  • After sometime, you will receive a code to redeem the voucher on Amazon.

How To Redeem Rs 10 From Happydent Amazon Offer?

  • Go to the Amazon Add Money section.
  • Now enter amount Rs 10.
  • Enter the code you received on your phone as SMS.
  • Proceed and boom! Your Amazon Gift voucher will be added to your Amazon account.

Keep in mind that you can use this offer many times but each time you have to use a unique phone number as the offer is valid once per mobile number.

Avail This Offer Unlimited Times

There’s a trick which might work for some of you. Using this trick, you can actually avail this Happydent Amazon offer unlimited times. But it depends on luck. Sometime it will work and sometime not. So, if you have free time, you can use this trick.

Simply think of any 4 digit number, then prefix “68” to that number.


Replace the starred section with your 4 digit number that you’ve thought and send this SMS to 9902391200.

As the number is only 6 digits, if you keep trying this with your numbers which has unlimited or spare SMS benefits, the chances are pretty high that you will get more Rs 10 Amazon gift vouchers. Once you get success with this trick, try it with another number as this offer is available once per phone number.

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