Reliance Jio Phone Exploded At The Time Of Charging (Full Story)

Reliance Jio Phone was rocking this market segment. It got over six million pre-bookings already which are going to be delivered soon. But in the mean time, a Jio Phone exploded in Kashmir while charging. In a report of PhoneRadar shows us the image of the Jio Phone which exploded when the owner was charging it. You can see the image below.

Jio Phone Explosion

Jio Phone Explosion

Right after the explosion, the Jio Phone got damaged completely. The back panel has melted. The phone is not in working condition. Display is also damaged during the explosion. In PhoneRadar report, they also included an image of the charger which was used to charge the Jio Phone. The wire of the charger is also melted.

But there are also some interesting facts that came out from the report. You can see the back of the Jio Phone is melted. But the 2000mAh battery is still there. After the incident, LYF distributor also said that the battery is still in working condition which proves that the explosion happened because of something else and that is not battery.

The company has also investigated the matter and the spokesperson of RJio said that the Jio Phone has been made in global standards. As all the Jio Phones go through tests and quality check, it can’t happen. He also said that, somebody did this intentionally. Whoever did this, has tried to malign the brand. They will take action based on the result of further investigations.

Now the thing is, millions have booked Jio Phone and they are waiting for the delivery. And in the mean time the news of Jio Phone explosion is coming. So, it will be a matter of thinking for them as nobody wants their phone catch fire.

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