Now You Can Return New Lava Phones Within 30 Days And Get Your Money Back If Not Satisfied

Yes! You heard it right. Lava recently announced Lava Ultimate Money Back Challenge with selected phones where users can buy the phone, and if they are not satisfied with it, they can return the phone withing 30 days of the date of purchase and get their money back.

Lava Ultimate Money Back Challenge

Lava Ultimate Money Back Challenge

Many of the times, users purchases a new phone from shop or online and few days later, they get to know about any feature which they expected but not available in the phone. But there is no way back to return the phone and get the money back.

But Lava made it possible for it’s customers by announcing the Lava ultimate money back challenge where user gets an option to return the phone in case they are not satisfied with it.

Users can return the phone to the nearest Lava Service Center within 30 days after the purchase. They need to submit all the documents and bill also. After validating all the documents by the service center executive, user will get a phone call from Lava to verify and confirm the return.

Once the return is confirmed, user will get a cheque and he/she can transfer the amount to his/her own bank account. But there is also a nominal processing fee and the buyer need to pay it. This processing fee is difference for difference Lava phones. In below image, you can see the specific processing fee for different Lava phone models.

Lava Ultimate Money Back Challenge Processing Fee Chart

Now, we have seen many smartphones which comes with one-time screen replacement warranty. But Lava is the first brand who is providing the money back if the customer don’t like the phone.┬áNot only this, Lava is also providing 2 years of warranty with their phones.

Hope you liked the article. Now, please share this article with your friends who will buy new smartphone in near future after 1st October 2017. Let them know that they will get refund from Lava Ultimate Money Back Challenge if they don’t like the phone.

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