Jio Is Offering Upto 25GB Of Free Data With Intex 4G Smartphones: Here’s How To Get

Reliance Jio announced about Jio Intex offer in collaboration with Intex Technologies. Under this offer, every Intex 4G handset users will get up to 25GB of high speed 4G additional data for free. Below we’ve written about the Jio Intex offer details and which Intex phones are eligible for the offer. If your Intex smartphone is listed below, you can also get the Jio Intex free 4G data offer by following the steps given below.

Jio Intex Offer Details

Jio Intex Offer Details & Benefits

Normally, user gets 1GB data per day with Rs 309 Jio recharge. But users who are using Intex 4G handset will get extra 5GB of additional 4G data with Rs 309 or above plans of Jio. There is no extra cost. Users will be provided 5GB extra data per recharge for five months. So, at the end, users are getting total 25GB of data for free.

This is not for the first time. Previously Reliance Jio also launched additional data offers with Chinese brand Oppo. Then Jio provided up to 10GB 4G data per month with Oppo F3, F3 Plus and F1 Plus smartphones. Even Asus smartphone users are also getting upto 100GB 4G data free from Reliance Jio under Jio Asus offer.

Which Phones Are Eligible For The Jio Intex Offer?

As I mentioned above, all the Intex smartphones which supports 4G connectivity are eligible for the offer. Here are all the Intex smartphones which are eligible for the Jio Intex offer: Intex Aqua Note 5.5, Intex Aqua Style III, Intex Turbo+ 4G, Intex Aqua Power IV, Intex Aqua Selfie, Intex Aqua S3, Intex Elyt e7, Intex Aqua Zenith, Intex Aqua Crystal Plus, Intex Aqua A4, Intex ELYT-e1, Intex Aqua Prime 4G, Intex Aqua 4G Mini, Intex Aqua Trend Lite, Intex Aqua Strong 5.1+, Intex Aqua Lions 4G, Intex Aqua 4.0, Intex Aqua Supreme+, Intex Aqua Crystal, Intex Aqua Amaze+, Intex Cloud Q11 4G, Intex Cloud Style 4G, Intex Aqua Classic 2, Intex Aqua E4, Intex Cloud S9, Intex Aqua Craze II, Intex Aqua 5.5 VR, Intex Aqua Strong 5.2, Intex Aqua S7, Intex Aqua Q7N Pro, Intex Aqua Music, Intex Aqua Power HD 4G, Intex Aqua Power 4G, Intex Aqua View, Intex Cloud Glory 4G, Intex Aqua Shine 4G, Intex Cloud String HD, Intex Aqua Secure, Intex Cloud Fame, Intex Cloud Jewel, Intex Aqua 4G Strong, Intex Aqua Fish, Intex Aqua Ace Mini, Intex Aqua Craze, Intex Aqua Wing, Intex Aqua Raze, Intex Aqua Ace II, Intex Cloud Crystal 2.5D, Intex Cloud 4G Smart, Intex Aqua Star 4G, Intex Aqua GenX, Intex Cloud Flash, Intex Aqua Super, Intex Cloud Swift, Intex Aqua Ace, Intex Aqua Turbo 4G, Intex Cloud 4G Star, Intex Aqua Trend, Intex Aqua 4G+, Intex Aqua Eco 4G and Intex Aqua Strong 5.1.

How To Activate Jio Intex Offer?

You must have a 4G supported Intex handset in order to get the Jio Intex offer for you.

  • Take your Intex 4G smartphone.
  • Insert the Jio sim card in your phone.
  • Download and install MyJio app and open it.
  • Sign in to the app by providing details.
  • Go to recharge section activate prime pack of Rs 99.
  • Then recharge with any Jio plan of Rs 309 or more.
  • That’s it. Additional 5GB data will be credited.
  • Repeat the process again after finishing the plan.

This way, you can get 5GB of extra 4G data per month for free with Jio recharge for next 5 months. Now enjoy the Jio Intex offer and share this article with your friends who also use Intex smartphones and spread the happiness.

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