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Recently a very popular Hindi Youtuber Gaurav Chaudhary from Technical Guruji along with Amit Bhawani (Founder of PhoneRadar) uploaded a video on Technical Guruji channel about Jio Car Router and Jio Connected App. They also said that, Jio is going to launch it very soon in the market. But many of you might be thinking about the reality of the news. Because, we have already seen many rumored news about Reliance Jio like Jio Cab, Jio Laptop, Jio’s Feature phone with VoLTE support and many more. So, in this article, we are going to search the real truth about Jio Car Router and Jio Connected App. If the news is true, then what is this, how can one use this and how to buy it.

Jio Car Router Connected App

On the video, Gaurav told that it is a secret project of Jio Smart Car. We also got some other details about Jio Car Router on his video. Reliance Jio hasn’t announced about the device yet. We don’t know how Gaurav managed to get a unit of the device. They also told that, Jio Car Router might be launched with a Welcome Offer of three months or more. However, they are not sure about it.

Jio Car Router & Connected App Fake News?

The answer is NO. The news is true. Really Jio is going to launch Jio Car Router and Jio Connected app very soon in the market. In Gourav’s video, he also unboxed the product. We can see the logo of Jio printed on the device. The box also contains some user manual and warrantee card. The product is almost ready. We can see it in the market very soon within this year.

Jio Car Router Specifications & Features

Jio Car Router is a very smart device based on OBD 2 (On-Board Diagnostics II) which will make your car a smart car. But the most big thing about this device is, you can insert a Jio sim card in it. So, basically you are also getting free high speed 4G internet with this device. But, as this device comes with 16 pins, it can be attached with your car only. It comes with a portable hotspot, by which you can connect your phone with the device and enjoy free internet.

The device also comes with a mobile app called Jio Connected App which let’s you see all the details about your car in your phone. You can track your car in real time once you install the app on your phone and Jio Car Router on your car. As Jio Car Router comes with GPS support, you can track your car from your phone if it’s stolen by someone.┬áThe device doesn’t need any charging because it’s connected with your car’s power supply.

You can mark a specific area on map to get an alert when your car cross the barrier. So, it will be very helpful feature when anybody asks for your car. You can see where your car is and how many kilometers it has been driven. The device also gives you right information about the pressure of tyre, the pressure of oil and RPM. You can also set an alert with a specific speed limit. Whenever your car reach the limit, you will get an alert on your phone from Jio Connected app. Even, you can know if the driver is wearing the seat belt or not. The app will be launched for both Android and iOS devices.

Which Cars Will Support Jio Car Router?

Now, you might be thinking if this device is compatible with your car or not. Which cars will support this device? Jio Car Router can be used in all cars which were launched after Bharat Stage 2 (2009). And as Bharat Stage Emission standard 2 is now mandatory for all cars, you can use it on almost all cars which were launched after the year 2009. But, it’ll be more safe if you ask it to a local showroom or garage if your car is based on BS2 emission standards or not. May be this is not compatible with Tata Nano and similar cheapest cars. You can attach Jio Car Router in your dashboard or near your steering wheel via it’s 16 pin connector.

Jio Car Router Price And Welcome Offer

As the product hasn’t been launched in the market yet, we can’t know the official Jio Car Router price now. But on the video, Gaurav and Amit said that the company hasn’t set it’s price but they given an idea of it’s expected price around Rs 2,000. You can’t use any other sim cards excepting Jio.

Jio Car Router Connector

Jio Car Router may be launched with an Welcome Offer. But we can know it only after launching. As we have seen a trend of three month based offer period in every Jio services, we can also expect the same free offer period in case of Jio Car Router. May be the internet will be free for first three months after the purchase. And the device may come with a Jio sim card in the package.

Jio Car Router Launch Date

The date hasn’t been confirmed yet by the company itself. But, it’s going to launched soon in India. Reliance has already tested Jio Car Router and they have also made some devices for introduction purpose. Once they set the official price of the device and complete the Jio connected app development, Jio Car Router release date will be known to us instantly. May be they are also prepareing some commercial Tv advertisements to release the product. The chances are high of launching Jio Car Router via exclusive sale on Flipkart or Amazon. If really that’s going to be happen, we will see the product page on such online stores very soon.

How To Download Jio Connected App For Android & iOS?

As Jio Car Router hasn’t been released in the market yet, the app is also unavailable at the moment. But once the device get launched, Jio Connected app will also be launched in Google Play Store and official iOS app store. You can follow few steps to install and use it in your phone.

  • First of all, visit Google Play Store or iOS app store.
  • Type “Jio Connected App” in the search bar and hit the search button.
  • Once you get the app, see the publisher of the app if it’s Jio itself or not.
  • The previous step will prevent you from downloading a fake app.
  • Tap on the install button and it will start downloading.
  • Once the app is installed in your phone, open the app.
  • Connect the app with Jio Car Router and start using.

Jio might also provide a QR code or download link of the app in the box. If that happens, you can scan the QR code or visit the given link to download the app directly.

How To Buy Jio Car Router Online From Flipkart & Amazon?

As I mentioned above, the device is not available currently in the market, you can’t buy Jio Car Router now. Just wait for some days to launch the device. Once the device comes in the market, you can buy Jio Car Router online from Flipkart and Amazon store.

  • At first, visit Flipkart or Amazon.
  • Type “Jio Car Router” and press the search button.
  • Once you see the device image, click on that.
  • On product page, click on “Buy Now” button.
  • Sign in to your shopping account and enter shipping details.
  • Make payment online or select COD if available at your pin code.
  • Complete the order and Jio Car Router will be delivered to your address soon.

If we get any further details about Jio Car Router and Jio Connected app, we will update this article with that information. Once the device get launched and hit the market, you will also get full details in this page. So make sure you are subscribed to our push notifications and email newsletter to get update when we add more details about Jio Car Router.

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