Need A Virtual Debit Card? Here’s How To Get It Free From State Bank Buddy Wallet App

Do you want a free virtual mastercard? Why not? Today everywhere you can use them. They are really helpful to make transactions hassle free. You can use these free virtual mastercard everywhere you want in India. Go shopping with your friends and use them offline. If you are using State Bank, then you can get a free virtual Master debit card by using State Bank Buddy wallet app. Let’s see how.

Free Virtual MasterCard State Bank Buddy

State Bank Buddy app is a great app where you can get all your banking related tools in one place. You can check your bank account balance, transfer funds and many more by just using your smartphone and internet. On the top of it, State Bank also provide some offers very often to entertain users to use the app. But at the same time, you can also get your free virtual mastercard using this app. The app also has a refer & earn program where you can earn Rs 25 per refer by inviting your friends and family to use the app.

What Is A Virtual Card?

Virtual card is a type of debit or credit card which are very limited in terms of validity and spending amount. But the card is not physical. It’s virtual, you will get all the card details but there is no physical plastic card to take in your hand or pocket to use it physically. That’s why these cards are also known as Electronic cards or e-Cards. You can simply enter the card details where you want to pay and money will be deducted from your bank account which is associated with that card. Virtual cards are used for online shopping mainly. You can’t use it on POS machine. But these are accepted by most of the online stores available in the internet right now.

Benefits Of Using Virtual Cards

There are many benefits which you can get from a virtual card. These are very secure, highly flexible and very easy to use. See all the benefits of having a virtual card below.

  • With a virtual card, you don’t need to expose your actual credit/debit card in front of people.
  • The maximum validity period of a virtual card is 48 hours or till the transaction is complete. So, even if anyone knows your virtual card details, they can’t use it.
  • It requires a OTP when you use the virtual card. So, nobody can use it without your permission.
  • You can create the virtual card with any amount of money. Suppose you set the limit to Rs 50. Then after spending Rs 50 via that virtual card, the card will be expired.
  • These virtual cards are can be used anywhere, where credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • You don’t need to separate your balance for your virtual card. When you use it, it simply deducts the amount from your balance like normal physical plastic cards does. So, there is no loss of interest.

These were all the key benefits of using a virtual card. I think now, you also want a free virtual mastercard to get all the benefits given above. So, let’s see how to get free virtual mastercard from State Bank using their Buddy mobile app.

How To Get Free Virtual MasterCard From State Bank Buddy App?

There are very few steps which you have to follow in order to get your free virtual mastercard. Just take your smartphone and turn on the data connection and then follow the steps given below.

  • At first, download the State Bank Buddy app from this link.
  • If you have already, make sure this is the latest version.
  • Type in your registered phone number to get access.
  • After logging in, go to homepage > Pay with Buddy Card.
  • Tap on view card and set the pin for first time use.
  • Now you can see your free virtual mastercard.
  • You can also see the card number, validity, CVV, etc.

After the validity period, all the details will be changed automatically for security reasons. So if you want to use your free virtual mastercard again, then follow the last four steps again to see the new card details.

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