Amazon Prime Offer: Get Rs 500 OFF On Prime Membership Till 30th October Only [Join Now]

In this article, we are not actually talking about an offer, this is about expiration of an amazing Amazon Prime Offer. Do you often buy various products from Amazon? Have you noticed that every time you buy any product worth under Rs 599, you need to pay extra delivery charge Rs 50? Do you want to get rid of this delivery charges and have some other benefits from Amazon? Then follow this article.

Amazon Prime Membership Offer

You should subscribe to Amazon Prime Membership. Because once you subscribe to Prime Membership, you no longer need to pay the extra delivery charges for the products you buy. Not only this, it also gives you early access to Amazon deals and offers, free fast delivery to select areas, unlimited video streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Members also get additional 15% discount on AmazonFamily products and next day delivery on Amazon Pantry grocery shopping. All of these offerings gives you huge saving on Amazon online shopping. Once you subscribe to Amazon Prime, membership will be for one year only. After one year, you have to subscribe again.

Till now, the subscription fee of Amazon Prime Membership is Rs 499 only. But unfortunately, after 30th October 2017, the fee will be increased to Rs 999 which is double to the current fee. So, you have to act quickly before the offer ends. Just pay Rs 499 now and get the Prime Membership for one whole year.

How To Get Amazon Prime Membership At Rs 499 Only?

  • First of all, visit to Amazon Prime page here.
  • Tap on Join Prime Today yellow button.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Pay the amount Rs 499 online.
  • That’s it. Now you are a Prime member.

Now, you don’t have to pay extra delivery charges on any products even which worth less than Rs 599. It’s better to pay Rs 499 one time and then get free delivery with extra benefits covering the whole year. Then you have to take another subscription for another one year.

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