Amazon Ice Phone Price In India, Specifications, Features & Launch Date

The name Amazon comes first when we talk about top e-commerce stores of the World. But starting from e-commerce business, Amazon is also connected with their other businesses also. Back in 2015, Amazon launched it’s first Amazon branded phone called Amazon Fire. But very soon these phones were killed off by Amazon itself because of it’s very expensive price. But, now in 2017, it’s reportedly said that Amazon is working on their new branded smartphones called Amazon Ice Phone. So, let’s see it’s specifications and Amazon Ice Phone price in India.

Amazon Ice Phone

In case of Amazon Fire phones, they targeted mainly the US market. But, according to the new report, Amazon is now looking to launch their new lineup Amazon Ice Phone in India’s emerging market. It is also included in the report that, the new Amazon Ice Phone will run on the Android operating system and will be packed with Google Mobile Services like Google Play, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Play Music, Google Now Launcher, etc.

Amazon Ice Phone Specifications

Amazon Ice Phone will contain around 5.5 inches of IPS LCD display. Come to it’s camera. It’ll contain 13MP of primary camera. But we didn’t get any information about it’s front camera yet. Amazon Ice comes with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage. It will run on Android 7.1.1. Google Assistant will also be included in this Amazon phone. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 435 SoC processor. Though the look and feel of this phone hasn’t publicized yet. But the phone comes with a fingerprint scanner attached to it’s back. But the phone will not contain Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence powered digital assistant like Google Assistant.

Earlier, when Amazon Fire phone was launched, it didn’t contain any Google Apps in it. On the other side, instead of Google Play store, Amazon created it’s own app store where there are no Google apps. The phones were very expensive when compared to specifications. So, these reasons played a major role behind the decision of killing of Fire phones. But now, in Amazon Ice Phone, they will include all the Google powered apps so that users can access all the essential apps delivered by Google.

Amazon Ice Phone Price In India

As I said above, this time Amazon is going to target emerging markets like India’s one. And all of us know that, to beat other competitors in the market, one company should begin with low budget smartphones. For the same reason, Amazon Ice Phone will be a budget friendly phone for those who are in search of leading brands in low budget.

According to the report, Amazon Ice phone will be priced around $97. So, if we convert it to Indian currency, it’s price will be around Rs 6,000. In this price tag, it’s major competitors will be Xiaomi Redmi 4A and other popular phones under Rs 6,000.

Amazon Ice Phone Launch Date In India

Amazon hasn’t announced this phone yet. So, we can’t make idea of when Amazon Ice Phone will be launched in India. As most of the 5k under phones are made by Chinese manufacturers like Gionee, Vivo, Oppo etc. It will be a bit challenging for Amazon to establish it’s name in Indian smartphone industry. But we can just say that, as Amazon is going to target emerging markets like India, may be the phone will be available in India as earlier as possible for Amazon.

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Amazon is likely to launch their own apps like Google powered apps to make an ecosystem in the emerging markets. They are planning to pre-install Amazon apps in all the Ice phones. But users will also be able to install Google powered apps in this phone according to their needs. May be they will also keep the Disable option for some of the unnecessary pre-installed Amazon apps.

Hope this article about Amazon Ice phone has answered all the questions about this phone in your mind. If any remained, please leave it in the comment below. Keep visiting our blog for more latest smartphone news and offers.

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