Airtel GST Advantage: Here’s Everything You Want To Know About It!

After Reliance Jio GST Starter Kit, Bharti Airtel also launched a new service called Airtel GST Advantage. This is also a similar solution like Jio’s starter kit where small business owners and startups can fill their returns easily. Airtel has partnered with ClearTax to launch Airtel GST Advantage service. Let’s know all the details about it.

Airtel GST Advantage

Airtel GST Advantage Service Details

Indian Government has recently cleared all the different types of taxes from products and launched Goods and Service Tax (GST) where a fixed percentage of tax is fixed with products. GST came with some benefits and some disadvantages also. So, for small business owners, it’s a very complex thing as of now. There are many questions regarding GST in people’s mind. So, Bharti Airtel just taken advantage of this situation and launched Airtel GST Advantage service where users can easily keep track of their business and later fill their GST returns easily.

On the top of it, Airtel is also providing 18GB of free data with it. So, users don’t need to subscribe to any separate data plan to use Airtel GST Advantage. But the 18GB data will be provided on 2GB per month basis. And the data can be used by 3 devices at a time.

Users of Airtel GST Advantage service, will also get access to a help portal everyday between 8AM & 8PM. Here they can ask any question regarding Goods & Service tax and Airtel GST Advantage helping agents will provide the actual answer for the questions. Airtel has also launched a website where many GST related information will be posted by tax experts. So this website will also be a great guide book for all those people who want to know more things about GST.

Users of GST Advantage will get access to ClearTax’s GST software till 31st March 2018 to keep track of their business. It will make all the calculations based on the numbers entered by the business owners. After 31st March 2018, users will have to pay certain amount of money as subscription fee.

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