Aircel Reportedly Offering 30GB Data Per Day For 30 Days At Rs 999

A recent report from TelecomTalk shows that Aircel is now offering 30GB of high speed data per day for 30 days. Users have to pay Rs 999 per month. At the end, users will get 30GB x 30 days = 900GB of data at Rs 999 only. Per GB data costs around Rs 1.11. A hell lot of cheap data everyday.

Aircel 999 Plan

But do users really need 30GB data per day? I think No. Consuming 30GB of data a day is not easy. You have to leave all of your works and then sit with your phone and start downloading files, do it all the day. Even after that, you will not be able to consume 30GB. On the other hand, Aircel is not the fastest internet speed provider.

The another shocking thing is, the data you get isn’t even 3G. It provides you 30GB of 2G data. And I think all of you know how slow the 2G network is.

Not only this Rs 999 plan. Aircel has also unveiled Rs 249 and Rs 379 combo plan. The Aircel Rs 249 plan provides 1GB of high speed 3G or 2G data per day along with unlimuted voice calling, SMSes. It comes with the 56 days of validity.

On the other side, Aircel Rs 397 plan comes with 2GB data per day for 56 days. User also gets free unlimited voice calling to any network and unlimited messages.

Currently, Aircel Rs 498 plan is providing unlimited local calling (A-A), 100 SMSes from Aircel to Aircel and 6GB 2G data. It comes with 84 days of validity.

Previously, we heard that Aircel and Reliance Communication is going to merge. They also created the name AirCom. But at last, it cancelled and they are now separate. Instead of merger, Aircel is now going to implement another new business model to make it sustainable and profitable.

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