Xiaomi Is Going To Launch Their New Sub-brand In July This Year

Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi has become a leading name in Indian smartphone industry. The company is getting huge sales on their existing and popular sub-brands like “Redmi” and “Mi”. But according to a report, Xiaomi is going to add their new sub-brand in this lineup this month. Though the new sub-brand name is still not revealed by the company itself.

Xiaomi New Sub-Brand Launch

The report also show that, in future Xiaomi will look for launching camera-centric handsets like Vivo and Oppo. It also ensured that, for the promotion of Xiaomi’s new sub-brand, they will hire a popular celebrity. But the name hasn’t been revealed yet.

In most cases Xiaomi launches it’s new devices over exclusive online sales or flash sales only. But Vivo and Oppo are also doing great by selling offline. So, there is big chance that Xiaomi will obviously target the offline availability of their phones from this new sub-brand which will help Xiaomi to compete with other mid range chinese smartphone brands like Vivo and Oppo.

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